Email Consultation

Can’t find the information you need? Don’t know where to start?

Information on the internet is misleading, I’m here to help. Everyone’s situation is unique.

While I may not have all the answers for everything, I reflect on my own personal experience, have inside information that you may not have access to.

All consultations will be done over email. While I’ve considered using skype, the timezone differences make this impractical.

With an email consultation, you get access to all of these resources and inside information, while saving you from making costly mistakes along the way.


Most of you are coming from a place of frustration with women or your life. Haven’t figured out what to do in life? Have woman problems? Can’t seem to achieve the freedom you so desire?

Write to me with a brief description of your problems at

Once I’ve read your Email, I’ll suggest a mutually convenient time for us to meet up and talk about your problems.