You are a breath of fresh air in a sea of ugly

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, there are some countries where the women are objectively incredibly ugly so much so that women who you would otherwise consider average stand out. I recently travelled to an island nation on the equator and did not see one attractive girl for 3 days. Let’s call this island nation X.

X is a nation that is ruled by a totalitarian government. Political dissenters are thrown into prison without trial. While other thought criminals are tried without jury. The ruling party is extremely right wing and runs the country with an iron fist. Arguably, human rights are almost non-existent in X.

X used to be extremely wealthy but now given the slowing global economy and no natural resources of its own, X is not so wealthy anymore.

X is a lot like Dubai or the other Emirates in that it has an extremely small domestic population and  relies heavily on foreign labour and expats.

The population of X is roughly 35% locals, 65% foreigners. With its large foreign population, things run very smoothly in this nation. The citizens of X are mostly content with their comfortable lifestyles; there is no welfare state, but everything they need is provided for them.

The local cuisine in X, while delicious, is packed full of artificial chemicals and ingredients which are of questionable quality and origin. As food is cheap and widely available in this island state, the citizens of X very rarely cook. Poor nutrition, lack of exercise, stressful lifestyles and bad weather have made both the men and women of X physically unattractive. The obesity epidemic in X seems to have gotten worse since my last visit 18 months ago.

Aside from physical appearances, the citizens of X are extremely abrasive to the point of bordering on social autism. This is a problem that has manifested itself because of nature of X as a nanny state. The people complain and the state fixes their problems in return for their allegiance.

While everyone speaks English, they speak with a terrible accent and have managed to butcher the language.

X is ruled by a right-winged government but has very unfavourable divorce laws for men. It is no surprise then that the women of X, despite their inherent lack of attractiveness are extremely entitled. Much like many countries in the Anglosphere, the women in X do not dress femininely, do not wear makeup and do not know how to cook. Instead, as part of the false narrative fed to the citizens of X, men and women are equal. Women, like men, should pursue careers instead of take care of their families at home.

I will not be visiting X again anytime soon.

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