The biggest compliment a Chinese girl can ever pay you

Regardless of what type of Chinese girl you’re dealing with, they all have something in common: if they like you, it’ll be obvious.

While all Asians fear losing face and the subsequent embarrassment that comes with losing face, the Chinese take this to a whole new level. 尴尬 (Embarrassment) is a word that comes up in conversations several times a day. Everyone tries to save face somehow.

How is this relevant to telling if a Chinese girl likes you? Simple: if she likes you, she’ll be extremely discreet because she doesn’t want to lose face.

I’ve had girls write me notes, make their intentions known to my friends, ask me to leave them my ‘method of contact’ (联系方式), but the highest compliment a Chinese girl can ever pay me is if she whispers to her friend.

What do I mean by this? In any initial interaction with a Chinese girl, it’ll be quite obvious whether or not she likes you. If she thinks you can’t speak mandarin because you’re not of Chinese ethnicity, she’ll straight out tell her friend that you’re good looking in mandarin (这个小哥哥长得好帅). Otherwise, if you are of Chinese ethnicity, she knows you share the same mother tongue as her and will whisper to her friend, or show what she’s typed on her phone to her friend. Go along with it. While you can tease her lightly about her and her friend conspiring to kidnap you, if she’s trying to tell her friend something about you in secret, this is a positive sign.

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