“My life is good”

While I hate night clubs with an absolute vengeance, my best friend came back from New York and I made an exception and decided to go on a night out with him last night. For a Friday night in a big city, the turn out was terrible. The women were very average and surrounded by a sea of men. People were vomiting all over the place, and the riot police were called in.

As we were getting ready to leave at 4am, a really drunk Korean in her late 20s (let’s call her vulgar korean) came up to me and said that I was handsome. I thanked her and said she wasn’t too bad herself. She was really obnoxious and started dropping F-bombs over the phone while I was trying to have a conversation with her. Her friend, the less attractive one, turned to me and apologized for her friend’s behaviour. As vulgar Korean clearly found me attractive, I decided to persist.

With every question/ comment I made, vulgar Korean would respond with an answer in Korean. This was getting nowhere, so I started talking to vulgar Korean’s friend instead. My friend started talking to Vulgar Korean while I spoke to her friend. Her friend, while much more pleasant, had an equally short attention span and wouldn’t get off the phone.

I couldn’t stand another minute of this conversation and decided to leave. As we were leaving, vulgar Korean told us she loved her life. What part of her life did she love, I wondered?

She had extensive plastic surgery and her boobs were fake. Her conversation skills were terrible and she had an extremely abrasive personality. Other than her looks, she had nothing else going on in her life. She worked a 9-5 job and thrived off the attention she got from men on a night out. What else could she have looked forward to other than drunken nights and one night stands?

I haven’t seen my friend for 3 years. I’m 24 right now and can’t stand clubs; we decided to go out on the town for old times’ sake. Vulgar Korean on the other hand must have been approaching 30 soon and yet, the only joy she found in her life was night life. As we hopped on the taxi home, I told him that this would be the last and final time we would go out. The next time he saw me, I would be successful. I would have relocated to China, built my business from scratch, and a harem of women to adore me.


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