The first girl I successfully had sex with from cold approach

With 3 girls in rotation and several other FBs abroad that I keep in touch with, I have a very successful woman life.

Things weren’t always this way though. I used to suck with women; I was trapped in a monogamous relationship a bitchy entitled girlfriend who wanted to keep her virginity; our sex life was limited almost exclusively to fooling around naked with no penetration. I went to the military, she went abroad and our relationship broke down for several reasons. As I wasn’t spinning other plates, I became angry and depressed.

It didn’t help that I had a beta father and domineering mother who had my life even more miserable (More on this next time). I was also in the military and had virtually no contact with women. I had a hard time getting over her and my friends were all huge beta males who gave me shitty advice.

Frustrated, I turned to the internet in search of an answer. I found the manosphere and started learning scripted lines hoping that would get me laid. Prior to this, I had never cold approached a girl in my life. I have always been a very good looking guy, so women would indirectly approach me, or I would meet girls from my social circle. The need to cold approach a girl had never manifested itself. In other words, my dating and sex life was very passive; I didn’t get laid much. 

I began reading everything I could and started watching youtube videos. Eventually, it was time to put all the mental masturbation aside and put things into practice. I spent the next couple of weeks approaching women I never met before. I had crippling approach anxiety and felt ridiculous for doing this. My heart was beating so quickly it felt like it would leap out of my chest.

One day, after a couple of dozen unsuccessful approaches, I saw this girl drinking a smoothie at the mall, walking slowly. I went up to her and said “I think you’re cute and wanted to come say hi to you.” She looked at me shocked; I responded with “Hi my name is XYZ, what’s your name?” After she told me her name, I shook her hand and held it.

While the opener and even the hand holding was scripted, everything else that came after that was not. I made a comment about her smokey eyes, saying that not many girls could have pulled off such a look and things took their course after that. I got her number, on the context of ‘wanting to get to know her better’ (I don’t verbalize my intentions anymore nowadays). I texted her with “Hi, this is XYZ, we met earlier today. We’re gonna get married and have kids one day” and things took off from there.

Eventually, we met up for a first date. I tried to kiss her but she wouldn’t let me (Did I mention that she was 28 while I was 21? I.e she was looking for a long-term relationship). If only I knew what I know now, I would probably have fucked her on the first date, or the 2nd at most. I digress.

We were out on a 3rd date and I finally fucking kissed her. I was still very new to this and wanted to ‘give her time’ to ‘warm up to me’, so I didn’t push for anything else other than a kiss. On the drive home, we were shooting the crap and I asked her why she would be qualified to be my secretary? To which she answered “I give good head”. We had sex that day and I was shocked that I managed to pull this off. My life changed forever that day, that day was the day I knew it was possible for me to fuck a random girl I never met before off the streets. That day made me realize that I didn’t have to deal with an entitled cunt girlfriend if I didn’t want to. That day was the day that made all other days possible. That day was 3 years ago on a hot August evening.

So fellas, regardless of how bad you are with women, you have to start somewhere. If a girl likes you, sex will happen eventually. It isn’t a question of if, it’s a question of when. As with anything in life, practice makes perfect; the more women you approach, the more dates you go on, the better you will get. Today my life is pretty good; I don’t go a week without sex and don’t have to go out chasing women so often. My woman life pretty much runs on autopilot now. Women aren’t my top priority; in the past 3 years, I’ve begun to prioritize my mission over any other woman. I want to get rich; with my financial stability, I will travel the world, have adventures and meet even more exotic women. Life is truly what you make of it, and you too can lead the life I lead my friends.

If you want to reach me directly, I can be contacted at

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