The 2 date bang model

I am very frugal with my time. When I do something, I do the minimal to get the maximum reward. While I loved the ‘thrill of the hunt’ that came from getting a girl to sleep with me on a first date/ pulling a girl from the club, I’m much older now and neither have the time nor inclination for one night stands.

I approach my dating life the way I do my business life, using parato’s law, or the 80/20 principle. I.e 80% of my business come from 20% of my clients.

Likewise, with girls, 80% of my lays come from 20% of the girls in rotation. While as a man, I do enjoy sex with various different girls, I run 2 businesses on the side and have other time commitments from my lifestyle; going out to chase girls every other day is simply not a feasible use of my time or energy.

As I’ve mentioned here, at any point in time, I like having at least 2 girls in rotation; one main girl and one side girl. While I do spin other plates, I stop spinning them for several reasons. Most importantly, because I’ve become increasingly intolerant of boring vapid women, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve look for other qualities in a woman other than her physical appearance; I value a woman for her virtue; her compassion, intelligence. Yes, the club slut in her 5 inch heels, cocktail dress and makeup might be hot, but what else does she have going for herself other than her looks?

All human relationships involve a mutual exchange of value; everyone in my life adds value to my life in one form or another. Even my fuck buddies.


Unlike the first date bang model, you don’t try to fuck a girl on the first date. Instead, you meet the girl for a maximum of 3 hours (preferably 1) at a bar or coffee shop and get to know her. You then escalate on the 2nd date.


Most girls have this rule that they won’t sleep with a guy on the first date. There is of course always the exception to the rule (if she really likes you, or is ovulating and extremely horny). These exceptions are of course, extremely rare. Even if you are lucky, chances are, you’ll be met with prolonged last minute resistance and will most likely only walk away with a makeout at most.

The 2 date bang model is advantageous for several reasons.

First, it is less of a time sink in terms of total time invested in having sex with a girl. Instead of going out on one extended date with a girl you haven’t slept with, you’re spending less time across 2 different dates while achieving the same result. If you don’t like her on the first date, you can always not followup with her. Minimal investment required. 

Second, when running the first date bang model, you may get past a girl’s last minute resistance, but you run the risk of making her feel like a slut, triggering buyer’s remorse. I was out on a date with this 18 year old who had a small frame and a big ass and very well toned legs (she was training for the olympics); I knew she liked me and got her back to my place to watch prison break really quickly. While we were on the couch, I started making out with her and feeling her titties up. Lo and behold, she had to go home because her mum made dinner. I tried to schedule a date a couple of days later but she kept making excuses. Buyer’s remorse. 


Step 1: Ask the girl out after getting her number

Step 2: Set up a venue within walking distance to your place

Logistics, logistics, logistics. While you should be outcome independent and not expect anything to happen from the first date, you should have your apartment clean and tidy, just in case.

Step 3: Before the date

Women are irrational people. They think with their feelings rather than pure logic. For this reason, it is imperative that you set proper expectations with women from the outset; make it known to them that the date will last a maximum of 3 hours and that you have plans after.

Step 4: What to do on the date?

She’s agreed to go out on the date with you already, so she thinks your value is high enough as it is. Shut the fuck up and stop talking about yourself. Remember, you’re strapped for time. In the 1-3 hours you’re out with her, you need to make her feel like you’ve both established a connection. Why? To make her comfortable enough to have sex with you. 

How do you do this? Ask questions and listen. Women love talking about themselves. Remember, patience is a virtue. While you may not find what she has to say to be interesting, shut the fuck up and listen. You’ll get a good idea of what kind of person she’s like from what she discloses to you.

Step 4: Date 2

This is a lot like the first date bang model, you set up a date at a bar/ cafe very close to your place and bounce her back to yours. Make her take her shoes off when you get back and then escalate like a champ.

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