Vapid, boring women

I did not have a good childhood; when my father was not away on business trips, he was abusive. My mother had borderline personality disorder and was constantly depressed throughout my childhood. I grew up in an extremely chaotic and stressful environment. I was frail and skinny as a boy; I wasn’t good in sports and was always picked last in gym class. As you can expect from growing up in such an environment, I had to learn to entertain myself; I became extremely introverted and never really got along well with the other boys and ended up hanging out with the girls in my class.

This affected my development greatly; I believed that men and women could be friends. While this was possible as a child, things changed greatly when I hit puberty and started noticing that women had boobs and legs! While it eventually occured to me that I had nothing in common with these women, I chose to continue my friendship with them partly because I had a crush on some of my female friends and was too much of a pussy to tell them, and partly because I, not having many male friends as a child, did not know how to make friends with the other boys in my class.

While I look back at my formative years with great fondness, I’m glad I’m no longer in the same position–my life is a lot different than it was; I don’t have female friends, rather female acquaintances. Friendship is a term I reserve exclusively for men I get along exceptionally well and add value to my life.

This brings me to my next point: should you date a girl you barely have anything in common with? (For our purposes, ‘dating’ here refers to going out on a date with a girl, regardless of whether it’s a first date, or a third date.)

It really depends on your personality. Here me out, this is not one of those ‘I’ll give you an answer thats not really an answer kind of answers’. Personally, I don’t go out on a lot of dates; not as much as I used to as a teenager. As I’ve mentioned before, because of my upbringing and perhaps brain chemistry, I’m extremely introverted as a person; while I’ve learnt how to talk to people (women especially), I am not particularly fond in engaging in ‘filler speech’, where I speak for the sake of continuing a conversation with someone. I love meaningful conversations that give me deep insight and introspection into the human. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found myself increasingly intolerant of vapid boring conversation. If I do decide to approach a girl, the first thing I look for is how physically attractive she is. Does she have long hair, does she have good skin, is she tall, is she wearing feminine clothes? When I do open my mouth to talk to her, if in the first 10 minutes of our conversation, she proves to me that she’s interesting and can hold a conversation, I’ll number close her and see where it goes from there. Otherwise, if she’s your run of the mill boring typical girl who thinks that she can get by on her looks alone, I don’t bother.

This applies to every girl I see, including fuck buddies. But i’m just a really picky mother fucker, you may be an extroverted person who gets along really well with everyone and doesn’t mind incessant chit chat and jibber jabber, so this advice may not apply to you. BUT, understand this: your time is limited; you have 24 hours a day, would you rather spend a couple of hours gossiping about something stupid or having a deep meaningful conversation with another human being?

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