Chinese girls and liquor

Drinking is a highly prevalent part of socializing in Chinese culture and frankly, one of the most annoying things about Chinese culture. Many social events involve drinking and playing some form of drinking game. If you get asked to go out for drinks, don’t turn down the opportunity; this is important for building relationships.

The problem with Chinese people and drinking is, well… many Chinese people don’t have the proper enzymes to break down alcohol. Nevertheless, Chinese people (especially those who can’t hold their liquor) stubbornly hang on to the belief that they are seasoned drinkers. Add the fact that refusing a drink someone bought for you might cause them to lose face, you have a recipe for disaster.

If you get invited to go out for drinks with a group, remember, you’re there to socialize, not to take advantage of girls that are too drunk to walk properly. I always thank the host for inviting me, introduce myself to the group. I’ll make small talk, play their drinking games and maintain very low key behaviour, the upper limit being dancing with a girl and spinning her around. No grinding, no makeouts, no fingering her under her dress. None of that. I’m here to build relationships. What often ends up happening is one girl in the group ends up vomiting from drinking too much. The group ends up in a state of panic and leave to get her home in a cab. I guarantee you that there will inevitably be one guy who insists on taking her home. Not only does this not work, you will earn the reputation for being oily and potentially be ostracized from the group for trying to take advantage of her.

Similarly, for 1 on 1 dates, a couple of drinks is enough to get the girl to relax. Remember, a lot of Asian people (Not just Chinese) have very low alcohol tolerance; don’t overdo it, you might need to clean up her puke after that.

2 thoughts on “Chinese girls and liquor

  1. Hey Casanova.

    It’s interesting to hear you talk about the Chinese and drinking. I have lived in Tokyo, and they drink more than any place I’ve ever been. But I didn’t know the Chinese drink that much?

    One girl I dated this year said that they drink with family (that she has to, he family almost makes her do it), but she doesn’t drink otherwise.

    It’s a strange coincidence but the Chinese girls I date almost never drink. The Chinese girl I dated in NYC would sip cocktails, but not too much… and she is the only girl in a long time that was interested in drinking at all.

    It seems like daygame (and something about what I’m attracted to) has connected me to many Chinese girls that don’t drink. Even in Japan, about 1/2 the girls I dated didn’t drink.

    There was a time when I was unsure how to escalate without a few drinks in the mix. But now… escalating totally sober is completely normal for me. The drinks are not, actually, the sexy part. Once I got comfortable making moves without alcohol, the sex got better.

    Cheers to you, man.


    1. There is a very prevalent drinking culture in Japan and Korea, but that doesn’t change the fact that some Asian people lack the enzyme to break down alcohol. Hence the Asian flush.

      The Chinese do drink quite a bit in a group dynamic. Chinese people, for the most part, lead very dull lives that revolve around work and achievement. When it comes to going out as a group/ painting the town red with work colleagues/ business partners, they tend to go all out. My theory is that, if you work all the time, regardless of whether you’re Chinese, Korean, or Japanese, you’ll want to go all out whenever the chance to have fun presents itself to show the ‘fun side’ of yourself in front of your friends. I myself personally don’t like drinking, so I show up at parties late to avoid having to drink so much.

      As for drinking on dates, my experience mirrors yours. I am extremely introverted as a person, I find value in making a real connection, truly getting to know them and understanding their various idiosyncrasies as opposed to engaging in drunk conversation that leads nowhere, except perhaps to the bedroom.


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