Why picking up girls at the club has a very low return on investment

I remember the first time I went to a club. I had just turned 18 and didn’t know shit about life. My best friend’s older brother took us around the block and showed up the ropes. We went to a nearby bar to get drinks and eventually headed to the club where we had our IDs checked by the stoic-faced bouncer. While the club we went to was a reputable one, I caught myself wondering “Where did all the women go?”.

It was a Saturday night and the club was packed, but it was a sausage fest. There were several different groups. There were large group of girls who were dancing with each other, then there were girls with their boyfriends, and then there were girls who were by themselves and possibly interested.

I did not get laid the first time I went to the club. I just got very drunk. As I got older, my sexual market value increased and I became better with women. As I began screening for yes and no girls, I started sleeping with more girls. As I embraced rejection, I began spinning plates. As with my side businesses, I’ve structured my woman life to be as hands off as possible. Life has been good to me; I have several girls in rotation that I can call up at anytime when I’m feeling horny. This has entirely eliminated the need to actively go out to pull new girls like I used to as a newbie, instead, I meet girls through my social circle and cold approach (if I see a girl I like on the street).

Having a surplus of women, I now prioritize other facets of my life over pussy. I am busy finishing my law degree, pursuing multiple streams of income and investments, and preparing for the future to the point where at times, I’ve had to be more disciplined and focus on my goals instead of letting my penis dictate my life choices.

I don’t really explore night life much. I go out to a club or bar to make contacts with people in my social circle or when I have a reliable crew/ wingman I know and trust. Being well dressed, well groomed, charismatic, apathetic, and reasonably good at salsa, my odds at the club are pretty good. That being said, a substantial amount of time needs to be spent on a night out. Unless you’re outcome independent and going out to genuinely have fun, you’ll often find, to your chagrin, that getting a girl to come home with you is not as easy as most people make it out to be. There are many variables beyond your control and on the rare off chance that you do manage to get a girl home and fuck her, I guarantee that once you cum, you’ll not be very happy. While this would make a good story for your buddies over a couple of beers, you’ll have to think about kicking her out, worry about whether she will have buyer’s remorse and a whole plethora of other issues. For example, your circadian rhythm will be upset; you’ll waste half of the next day by sleeping in. Because of a one night stand, your goals have to be put on hold; your routine is affected and you’ll start beating yourself up for not being more disciplined.

I abide by the 80/20 principle. 80% of my notches come from 20% of the girls in rotation. Like most younger men, when I was a teenager, I wanted to sleep with a new girl every week. I didn’t have much going on in my life at that time, so I spent most of my time chasing women. At 24, I am more grounded in my life. I have goals that transcend physical pleasure. I look to the long term rather than the short term. As I’ve mentioned several times, I treat the girls in my life very well. I see them as investments for the long term. When I introduce a new girl in my life, I want to have sex with her for as long as possible so I don’t have to spend time getting new girls into rotation. The time I foolishly spent pursuing a new girl every time in my youth could have been spent on something more productive; it could have been spent improving another facet of my life.


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