Types of Chinese girls- The Foreign Chaser

Laowai is an umbrella term for anyone who isn’t Chinese. Regardless of whether you’re Indian, White, Black, Arab, or Hispanic, you’re a laowai if you’re not Chinese. UNDERSTAND, that there ARE girls who never date laowais. You will never get access to these girls regardless of your SMV, language skills, or exotic factor. On the flip side, there are girls that exclusively chase foreign cock; these girls are girls that local mainland Chinese guys will NEVER get access to. THEN there are girls who date both Chinese and Foreign brothers.  As a laowai, your screening mechanism for yes or maybe girls will start with figuring out if she dates foreign guys. How do you do this? Simple, before you Wechat close her, ask her (With a smirk and raised eyebrows) if her mother would approve of the two of you going out. If she says yes, go for the close. If she says no, ask her if she likes you enough to go out with you behind her mother’s back.


First, unlike the socialite, or the friend magnet, the foreign chaser does not have an unequivocal set of personality traits. Regardless of their personality, looks, or age, there are still many girls in China who fall within this archetype. Therefore, a girl could be a a clinger AND  a foreign chaser at the same time.

Typically a foreign chaser:-

  • Speaks good English (Or has an avid interest in learning English)
  • Has an ex-boyfriend/ fuck buddy who was a foreigner.
  • Hangs out predominantly with foreigners
  • Goes to predominantly Expat events like Internations, wine tastings, foreign restaurants, foreign exhibitions, language exchanges and foreigner heavy nightclubs.

BUT, the most unequivocal and ubiquitous way of spotting a foreign chaser is if she rejects Chinese guys but rewards foreigners. This happens most often in a nightclub; the Foreign Chaser will shoot Chinese guys down as they approach her. Paradoxically, she will be extremely receptive to a laowai and even outright seek him out without being prompted.


While many Chinese can carry on a basic conversation in English, rote memory and school-learned vocabulary will quickly dry up.  The Foreign Chaser’s relatively good English and knowledge about non-Chinese culture and customs, coupled with her receptiveness to foreign cock, make her extremely attractive to any laowai.

Many foreigners, when they encounter the foreign chaser, think they have met the perfect amalgamation of east meets west in a woman. While I do understand the allure of being with a beautiful Chinese girl who speaks your language and is easy to get along with, don’t forget that a Foreign Chaser is more westernized than all other Chinese girls. They are far less traditional and in most cases, more promiscuous. With that, the Foreign Chaser is good for No strings attached sex. DO NOT get into a relationship with this one until you’ve known her for quite some time. Keep her in rotation, but DO NOT rely exclusively on her for sex.

Most laowais end up getting in a monogamous long term relationship with a Foreign Chaser, never bothering to learn Chinese, putting up with the antics of the Foreign Chaser for fear of the language barrier. BEWARE, that if she liked you initially based on your skin colour and exoticness, there is a very real possibility that her attraction and towards you will fade equally, if not, more quickly. In most cases, it’s likely that you’re not the only one she’s interested in and/or banging at the time.


If you’re a foreigner, this wouldn’t be difficult for you. She’ll already be interested in you from the get go, especially if you’re in a place without too many foreigners around or are appear to be someone with a very high SMV.  As most Foreign Chasers speak English relatively well, you can speak the way you would back home, without having to gesticulate with your hands or look things up on google translate. This girl is relatively easy to pull. You’ll need to be funny and cock and get enough alcohol into her system.


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