Sexonomics, the mutual exchange of value

The economy operates on a mutual exchange of value. One person hands over their money to someone else in exchange for a product or service because they want that product or service so much that they’re willing to part with their money. Quid Pro Quo. 

Likewise, human relationships operate on a mutual exchange of value. Your friends, family, coworkers, business partners, and women all add value to your life in some way. I’ve mentioned here, that rejection is simply one manifestation of failure. When a girl rejects you, it simply means that whatever you offer does not meet the her needs. Men have testosterone so we want sex all the time. We need sex to relax. This is why we can fuck butter faces when we’re feeling horny. Women on the other hand don’t want to fuck all the time. Women need to feel relaxed before they have sex. For a woman to want to fuck you, she must feel relaxed. Before she can feel relaxed, she must be at the very minimum, be attracted to you. For her to be attracted to you, you must be attractive to her; your sexual market value must be high enough.

Despite all the feminist bullshit you hear, biologically, women trade their eggs for resources. I.e Women want a high value mate who will take care of them.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not advocating that you pay women for their company, I’m simply pointing out the fact that deep down all women want a high value guy. Regardless of whether they’re on the lookout for a boyfriend, fuck buddy, or husband. While all successful men are attractive to women, different types of women value different things in men; they prioritize certain facets of a man’s positive characteristic traits.  If you are a loser you can fake it till you make it, but this is unsustainable in the long run. Instead, take a good look at the various facets of your life.

Do you have interesting hobbies? Do you play guitar? Do you scuba dive? Do you ballroom dance? Or do you stay at home playing Warcraft, jerking off to porn all day?

How does your physical fitness look? Do you lift weights? Do you box? Do you do BJJ? Are you JACKED? Or are you a fat slob who gets winded everytime you climb a flight of stairs?

Are you well travelled? Or have you been living in the same small town all your life? 

Do you speak multiple languages? Or do you only speak English? 

How do your finances look? Are you a successful entrepreneur with a portfolio of diversified assets? Or do you pinch pennies and insist on splitting the bill with her when you go out for drinks? 

How is your sense of style? Do you roll out suited down? Or do you go on a first date in a dirty T-shirt and sweat pants?

Are you charismatic, charming, funny? Or are you shy, introverted and awkward? 

Do you have an ABUNDANCE mentality? Do you LOVE life? Do you LOOK FOWARD to the new opportunities each new day presents? Or are you pessimistic, depressed, and walking around with a chip on your shoulder? 

Are you intelligent? Are you well-read? Are you witty? Or do you struggle to count to 5? Constantly indulging in the garbage that is reality TV? 

Do you have high emotional intelligence? Are you socially well calibrated? Or do you make things extremely awkward by broaching certain topics at the most inappropriate times? 

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