Embrace rejection

Deep down as human beings, we all want to be accepted for who we are. For this reason, rejection hurts. When someone rejects you, they’re saying “you’re not good enough for me”, regardless of how nicely they’ve rejected you, it’s still a form of disapproval from another human being. This disapproval eats at us, we want to know WHY we’re being rejected, we want to know the reasons for their disapproval. Some of us take rejection well, some of us can’t bear the thought of it.

Rejection is inevitable, so get used to it. While I am by no means advocating that you advocate a melancholic, pessimistic outlook on life, you need to live your life with a certain amount of realism. Rejection is a manifestation of failure and a lack of success. Conversely, approval, is a manifestation of success. When you get rejected, it’s nothing personal, it just means you’re not good enough.

As with failure, you’ll always face rejection in every facet of your life. Rejection letters from the job you wanted, that girl telling you she has a boyfriend when you ask for her number, a girl turning her cheek when you try to kiss her, your product not selling as well as you thought it would. While you can’t control who or what rejects you, you can sure as hell control the way you respond to rejection. Are you going to sit there and cry or man the fuck up and do something about it? I treat every rejection as feedback that I’ve somehow fallen short and not met the requirements of the rejector. I then use this rejection as motivation to build a better me.

There’s no point in rationalizing why you were rejected. Convincing yourself that by being rejected, you were somehow wronged is foolish thinking. This Woe Is Me victim mentality gets you nowhere. Take action, do something with this feedback so you WONT get rejected for the same reasons again in future. Embrace rejection, it’ll make you a stronger man.

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