Screening for good and bad girls

Men screen women and group them into either good girls or bad girls. In light of this, most men are either on the lookout for “marriage material” women to girlfriend up, or “sluts” to have fun with. There are several problems with this approach.


First, very rarely is there such a clear cut distinction between a marriage material girl and a whore. Women are capable of displaying varying gradations of either sets of behaviour. Judging a woman based on first impressions is therefore a foolish endeavour because you will never truly understand the full spectrum of behaviours a woman is capable of; women choose to behave in certain ways in certain situations. Think about the time you found out that your “Marriage material” girl sucked you off really well and that she must have had practice, or when you realized that the “slut” was terrible in bed.

Your subjective thoughts will always be prone to error, but reality will always be constant. When you judge a woman, you end up giving yourself unrealistic expectations; when these unrealistic expectations are not met, you’ll naturally end up becoming disappointed. When you have no, or low expectations, you’ll be apathetic and indifferent. I’ve met supposedly “good girls” who’ve had abortions, lost their virginities at a very young age, slept with guys from the club, and sucked me off in the KTV. I’ve met “sluts” who wanted to be “good girls” and settle down in a relationship. While I do group girls according to a predictable set of behaviours, I don’t discriminate. Instead, I alter my behaviour accordingly based on past experience.

Second, whenever you start looking out for a particular set of behaviours, you’ll inevitably end up with confirmation bias. When a girl does the few things that tick your checklist. For example, cooks well, texts you everyday with loads of smiley faces, refuses your advances on the first date, your confirmation bias kicks in and you go “AHA! she’s done XYZ, SHE MUST BE A KEEPER!” Likewise, if a girl smokes, has a naval piercing, tattoos on her butt and cusses, she automatically gets relegated to the “bad girl” camp. This confirmation bias distorts your reality by hindering your ability to see things objectively.


I believe in Pareto’s law, or the 80/20 principle. i.e 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. 80% of my sources of sex come from 20% of the girls I date. Therefore, whenever I want to add a new girl to rotation, I screen for the YES or MAYBE girls to maximize my odds of fucking her. I weed out the timewasters this way.

I neither pedestalize women, nor do I have unrealistic expectations of them. I see women as a means to an end. You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. My plates either have to have very attractive faces, or bodies, or preferably both. Women more or less talk about the same vapid stuff, I don’t expect to have philosophical discussions on life and the future with a girl; I have my male friends for that. Therefore, the only thing I screen for from the get go is whether I am sexually attracted to the said woman and that she doesn’t make my life difficult. If she screams at me, or goes beserk over something minor, she’s out the door.

Don’t screen for the good or bad girls; they add value to your sex life in different ways. Screen for the YES or MAYBE girls.

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