Why FOB Asian girls make some of the best fuck buddies

FOB–Fresh off the boat is a term used to refer to someone who’s just arrived in a Western country after spending an extended amount of time in their home country.


From experience, FOB girls offer the best of both worlds. Most FOBs spend their entire lives in their home country and go abroad when they first turn 18. This is the first time they’re living by themselves. This is the first time they’re on their own without rules; without parental supervision. This is the first time they’re truly free; free from their parents, free from their societal programming. Going abroad is a new experience for them, a new experience they won’t be able to get back home. Therefore, unless they are a prude, they will engage in varying levels of debauchery.


I am in a privileged position to be able to see the world from the perspectives of both an Asian and a Western person. While I understand their cultures and customs, and the way Asian girls think, I am not your run of the mill beta Chinese guy who has serious social anxiety. While I speak the language, my personality is extremely different. For a FOB, I am familiar yet mysterious. I am the guy their mothers warned them about before they left for University. I am the guy they were told not to talk to.

Don’t be fooled. While these girls may be coy, shy and exude an aura of innocent naivety, they are not angels. Chuck your societal programming out the window; women are women. Like men, women too have sexual desires. And from experience, girls that have extremely strict parents, or come from extremely repressed societies are often the most depraved in the bedroom.

Show them a world they never knew. Show them your world.


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