Introducing new girls into your life

As a player constantly spinning plates, I have girls coming in and out of my life. As with pursuing multiple sources of income, I pursue multiple women simultaneously to ensure I get a constant stream of sex. If one woman leaves, I’ll be slightly bummed, but not to the point of getting oneitis.

Adding a new girl to your rotation is simple. You approach a handful of girls, get a bunch of numbers, screen for girls who are interested in you while ditching the timewasters.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.09.20 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 10.09.26 AM

^ Classic timewaster

Now, once you’ve found the girls who are interested in you, run the first date bang model to get her in your bed ASAP. If she doesn’t sleep with a guy on a first date, play it by ear; you can either play the patient game, or ditch her.


After all that texting, buying her drinks, and jumping through her hoops, she’s back at your place. The clothing comes off piece by piece. You start escalating. You start touching her in all the right places, making out with her. You start kissing her neck, biting her. You start massaging her pussy and it’s wet. Go time.

Eventually you’re both on your bed, naked. Wait a minute, you realize she’s not like the last girl you fucked. You’re not used to her body.

I have news for you player. Every woman is different. Each woman’s vagina is different. Each woman’s sexual experience also differs. Some women are seasoned veterans, some women are virgins, some women have only had sex once or twice. Some women lie down there like a dead fish, while some women will straddle you like a horse.

You’ve already got her naked so she’s not going anywhere. Be patient, take your time with her. Don’t start pumping away like a mad man. Enjoy the moment. The odds are that the first time you two have sex will be extremely awkward. The second time, however, will be much better once you get a feel for each other’s body and favourite positions.

I don’t do anything over the top when I’ve fucked a girl for the first time. I date a lot of younger girls (18-21) who barely have any sexual experience. The first time we have sex is to get her acclimated to sex.

I do this for a multitude of reasons. First, as someone predominately based in Asia, we have a large number of beta guys around, odds are she’s gone a long time without sex. I like to take it easy as I don’t want to bruise her pussy up too bad to the point she can’t walk properly the next day. I also don’t do leave hickeys on her neck, anal, tie her up, or start spanking her. I like having girls around long-term; pretending to be a porn star the first time you have sex with a new girl might trigger her anti-slut defences and buyer’s remorse. I see each girl as a long-term investment. I find it astonishingly time consuming to go out on dates with new girls and repeat the whole process from meetup to bedroom all over again. For this reason, I treat all the girls I bang as best as I can.

Second, I’m still getting used to her body and her preferences. At this stage, I’m still experimenting to see what she likes and what she doesn’t like. It takes me at least 2 sessions to figure this out. Most of the women I go out with are Asian, with a sizeable number being Chinese. Almost always, the first time we have sex, they’re extremely shy, insisting that I dim the lights. You’ll find that most Asian girls who have very little sexual experience, are extremely insecure about their bodies and sexuality. Apart from the missionary position, most girls will be unfamiliar with positions like reverse cowgirl and doggystyle. Practice makes perfect; sex gets much better with each session.


Don’t get all needy and start kissing her ass.You’ve pursued her aggressively enough to the point where she’s relinquished control of her chastity. DON’T FUCK IT UP. Nothing has changed other than the fact that you’ve stuck your dick into her. REMEMBER, you’re a high value man. You have options AND a mission to pursue. She’s there for the ride with you. You are the prize. Until further notice, she is your fuck buddy. Of course, you can upgrade her to your main girl if she proves herself worthy; but for now, she’s just a fuck buddy.

Just because you’ve fucked her, that doesn’t mean you have to start asking her to be your girlfriend/ be exclusive, OR “Take things to the next level.” Don’t verbalize this. While most of us understand that communication is overt, most of us fail to understand that communication can also be covert. You communicate your intentions to another person through your actions and body language. Don’t start driving her around, taking her to fancy dinners, buying her flowers, texting her 13921039210491294 times a day. She will start thinking you want to be her boyfriend and either ditch you, OR start doing girlfriend like behaviours. THIS IS NOT the precedent you want to set.

Remember, you are the high-value guy who makes her pussy wet. NOT the other way round.

  • Keep texting to the absolute minimum necessary to maintain her attention/ set up logistics.
    • See her once a week and fuck her good. Don’t get needy and make her your ONLY source of sex.
  • Keep approaching other women and spinning plates. This is vital to maintaining an abundance mentality.

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