Take her off the pedestal

The bed was drenched with our bodily fluids and my sweat. She lay there, naked, resting her head on my chest. She smiled, extremely pleased with my sexual performance.

She turned to me and said : “I’ve never met anyone like you before, you’re a mystery, I’m still trying to figure you out.” I raised an eyebrow asking her to elaborate.

“Well, I don’t know anyone your age who has so much going on in his life. You’re an enigma. I’m still new to this.”

I smirked and said : “Oh really? You’ve never been with someone who wants to be the CEO of his own company by the time he hits 30?”

She shook her head and began telling me stories about the guys she’s dated. “They’re nice and all, but I just don’t like them. One guy bought me flowers everyday and told me how much he liked me, but I just couldn’t…..”

I raised an eyebrow. She went on to say :”You know why I gave you my number and agreed to go out with you?”

“Tell me” I said.

“I could tell you didn’t care if I did or didn’t give you my number” She said. I smiled and said :”Yeah, I don’t give a shit. It would have been your loss. Either way, I would have done something fun and it wouldn’t have ruined my day.” She smiled and kissed me.

Gentleman, if you make A woman your biggest priority, she will despise you. Work on yourself, build wealth, establish relationships with a tribe of masculine men, create opportunities for yourself. As your sexual market value goes up, your woman and sex life will be better.

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