“It’s your choice” the nuclear option to last minute resistance.

In this post, I discussed how a girl is more likely to sleep with you if she has plausible deniability. Women don’t like to feel like sluts; if she can blame you for seducing her, your chances of sleeping with her go up.

In my experience, when a girl likes me, there is alcohol and the environment is a perfect conduit for plausible deniability, I can expect to fuck her. While the odds are very HIGH that you will get the notch, every now and then a girl will flat out refuse to sleep with you despite the existence of these conditions.


The short answer is that some women have exceptionally high levels of anti-slut defence. Despite alcohol as a social lubricant and the existence of plausible deniability, there are some girls who will refuse to sleep with you because “she’s not ready”, or “it’s too soon”.

I’ve had a girl come over to my place at 12am in the morning after meeting me at a coffee shop several hours prior and give me the whole “I don’t do this” speech. This was a very young girl who clearly liked me, but wanted to boyfriend me. She began telling me her “woe is me” story about how she lost her virginity to an older man (daddy issues alert) when she was 16 and very drunk, and how he pumped and dumped her thereafter. She then started going on and on about how she’s had so many guys lie to her just so they could fuck her, and how she was sick of scumbags. She then started questioning my motives.

I’ve also had girls in the past tell me that they didn’t know me well enough to sleep with me, and that we should wait before having sex.

I’ve had girls who told me that they haven’t had much sexual experience and wanted to wait.

In all of these instances, the pre-frontal cortexes of these women were responsible for prolonging their sexual gratification. I.e their logic kicked in to stop them from the potentially disastrous decision of sleeping with a man they barely knew, risking pregnancy and all that jazz. Gentleman, if you want to sleep with Asian girls, you’ll need to be prepared for the occasional “I don’t do this” speech. Asian girls, especially Chinese girls, have been societally conditioned to give you that speech. This also works with extremely religious girls, girls from very repressed societies (like predominantly muslim states), or girls who are virgins.


DON’T be a moron and start touching the girl, attempting to remove her clothing. Don’t take your own clothes off hoping she will suck you off. This will only get you reported to the police.

Fight fire with fire. Place your hand on top of her hand and tell her these exact words :” I understand that you’re not ready. It’s your choice.” Pause, let the silence sink in. Follow up with :”Men think with the bottom half of their body, men want sex, you know this, I know this.” “You’re alone in my apartment at this hour, subconsciously you want this too.” “If you think about it, you like me and I like you, we are two willing adults, there’s nothing wrong with what we’re doing”.

This will make her question whatever reason she gave you for not sleeping with you when you tried to escalate. Don’t bombard her with rhetoric, wait for her to respond, and respond accordingly with logic. Destroy her arguments, and chances are you’ll be destroying that pussy soon.


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