You don’t need to lie to get laid

The problem with most guys is that they feel the need to lie to get into a girl’s pants.

It is for this reason I dislike PUA stuff. PUA stuff teaches you scripted lines to imitate behaviour that should come naturally when you are a high value guy. Instead of relying on scripted lines or trying to trick a girl into sleeping with you, MAKE yourself so ATTRACTIVE, that she wants to sleep with you, out of her own volition.

As I’ve mentioned here, men are judged not exclusively based on their beauty, but the resources they have and their accomplishments. Focus on your goals, become a high value man and the women will come.

You might think that by lying, you have control over the girl. But you’ve got it twisted, it’s the other way round; the girl has control over you. You’re lying to get her attention. You are beholden to herl; by bending the truth, you are essentially bending over backwards for her.

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