What is sex?

As a teenager, I used to believe in disney fantasies and would constantly search for “the one” who would “complete” me. *Cringe*

I didn’t have much going on in my life as a teenager. In addition to porn and computer games, I heavily indulged in TV sitcoms like Friends, How I met your mother, and Melissa and Joey, where the male protagonist would constantly be denied sex by the apple of his eye. These shows only further reinforced the societal programming that ever man must find a woman to complete his life.

My reality did not reflect the ideals espoused by these fictional depictions. While I looked to women to “complete” me, they did not reciprocate. Why? Because I had not developed my sexual market value properly. I was constantly frustrated that I was unable to successfully pursue the women I wanted. While I was a good looking young man, I was clueless when it came to women. The good looks I inherited from my mother did get me some attention from women, but my father had never taught me proper dating etiquette. A typical date for me would be going to the cinema, sitting in a dark room for 2 hours, hoping to kiss her. I was shy, timid, and frankly, delusional. I wanted things to happen “naturally”. Looking back, I had an extremely feminine (Did I mention delusional) approach to dating. Instead of channeling my masculine energy and waiting for the right woman to receive it, I did things the other way round. I had everything twisted.

It’s been 7 years since I’ve lost my virginity at age 17. Sex has lost its novelty for me. It’s no longer this sacred act that should be done only with “The one”. Sex is sex. Sex is a physical act. Penis gets hard, vagina gets wet, penis goes into vagina. Woman orgasms, man ejaculates.

I like having sex. Busting a load makes me feel relaxed. I enjoy every aspect of it. The smells, the tastes, the roundness of a woman’s buttocks. The look on her face as she squirms in pure ecstasy. Most of all, having sex with a new woman gives me a sense of accomplishment. Sex is my reward for jumping through her hoops.

A girl can be the biggest bitch on earth when you’ve first met her, frowning, constantly throwing shit tests at you, and just being a downright hostile pain in the ass. None of that matters, because you’ll either get to fuck her or you won’t. There is no in between. Don’t fall for how everyone tells you that you only have sex with your girlfriend. Don’t suppress your biological urges. Being horny is just part of being a man. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, so don’t hide your dick.

Sex is just a physical act. You can either use your hand, or have sex with a warm body. Women are women, men are men. A girl you’re seeing does not complete you. Your woman complements you. She is an addition that adds value to your life.

Sadly, most women today do not have much value to offer. Most women, especially in the west, think that all they have to do is show up, look attractive and spread their legs. Most women have messy lives, and don’t have much going on for themselves. Do not pedestalize a woman because you are the prize.

As I’ve said, sex to me, is purely a physical act. Once I bust a load, I want to do something else like work on a project, watch a movie, or sleep.

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