Plausible Deniability


Plausible deniability consists of 2 words. Plausible and deniability. I.e is the deniability plausible? Do the circumstances allow one to reasonably deny any involvement?

Is there a scape goat? Is there any way to cover up or remove culpability for any involvement?

In short, is there any way to avoid responsibility?


Women think with their emotions. Men think with logic. Men are always horny, they can have sex whenever, wherever. Men need to have sex to relax. Women on the other hand need to feel relaxed before having sex; there needs to be the “right moment”.

Men seek out sex consciously. While women subconsciously also want sex, they want it to “just happen”. So how is plausible deniability relevant to your goal of getting sex?

Starting conversations

Plausible deniability is first relevant to starting a conversation with a girl. While you can talk to a girl directly, telling her that you thought she was hot and came over to talk to her, I would not recommend this for 2 reasons. Doing so would first boost a girl’s ego so high up the roof, you’ll almost always be set to fail unless she’s already physically attracted to you. Second, being so direct might come across as intimidating. You do not want to scare the cat away.

In the girl’s mind, she’ll think “This really interesting guy came up and talked to me. Wow, what a coincidence”. Plausible deniability. 

Getting phone numbers

When I don’t use my go to move of handing a girl my phone with the dial pad on, I’ll say something along the lines of “I really enjoyed this conversation, let’s continue it some other time” or “Let me know how XYZ (Something we talked about) goes, give me your number“.

Subconsciously, girls know that this is a segway to meeting up in future. This is why girls who aren’t interested will say “Ok cool, but I have a boyfriend.”

Doing the deed

When you go to her place by inviting yourself to the bathroom after walking her home, “sobering up” before driving home,  she knows that the two of you will be alone with noone else around. When she comes back to your place to see your guitar, book collection, wait the rain out, watch a movie, or have a drink, she knows that the two of you will be alone with noone else around.

If you two makeout, or have sex, she’ll rationalize it by saying “It just happened.”


Societal programming dictates that women should attempt to protect their chastity. If they fail to do so, they’re sluts. Even if she is a slut, and everyone else knows she is a slut, there is an unspoken rule that she keeps the charade up and pretend that she is a “good girl”. By giving her the luxury of plausible deniability, you’re helping yourself out by helping her convince herself that she “tried to do the right thing” but “things just happened”. Men plan, while women live in the moment.

If you haven’t banged her yet, don’t send her nudes, don’t tell her to send you nudes, don’t sext her. You can do all of that with your fuck buddies, just not with a girl you haven’t fucked; you don’t want to kill the plausible deniability she otherwise would expect to have.


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