How much value does your Chinese girlfriend have?

On this blog, I go on and on about how I love Asian women. Being ethnically Han Chinese, I do the best with other Han Chinese girls.

Regardless of the type of Chinese girl that you have, her intrinsic value revolve around various different factors such as various personality traits, her social circle, and physical appearance.

The lower her score, the lower value she is. Likewise, the higher her score, the higher her value will be.


1. Virgin (+10)

2. Has good personal finance habits (+5)

  • Does not spend money without much consideration
  • Is not broke at the end of the month
  • Has investments
  • Makes good long term financial decisions

3. Fewer than 3 boyfriends (+5)

4. Never had a boyfriend (+10)

5. Asks you to text her when you get home to tell her that you’re safe (+1)

6. Exercises often (+1)

7. Offers to pay for dates (+1)

8. Cooks for you (+5)

9. Looks up a recipe for a dish you want to eat but she does not know how to cook (+2)

10. Filial to her parents (+5)

11. Treats old people with respect (+5)

  • Gives up her seat
  • Takes care of her grandparents
  • Is against retirement homes

12. Meticulous (+1)

13. Has a good work ethic (+1)

14. Returns to her hometown for Chinese New Year (+5)

15. Dresses femininely without showing too much skin

16. Takes responsibility for her mistakes

17. Has a good relationship with her parents (Especially her father) (+5)

18. Offers to pay for dates (+3)


1. Lost virginity before age 15 (-5)

2. Cusses and swears a lot (-3)

3. Goes to the club/ KTV often (-5)

4. Smokes (-5)

5. Lazy (-2)

  • Sleeps late and wakes up late
  • Watches TV all the time
  • Always sitting on the couch
  • Always procrastinates

6. Ran away from home after an argument with her family (-5)

7. Lived with several boyfriends (-5)

8. Has/ Had a sponsor (-5)

  • A sponsor is usually an older man who buys presents/ gives a girl an “allowance” for sex/ her company.
  • She accepts Wechat Hongbaos from random men

9. Has tattoos (-5)

10. Has a tongue/naval/ lip/ nipple/ pussy piercings (-10) (Don’t forget to wrap up)

11. Has a bald pussy (-10)

12. Has hairy armpits (-5)

13. Lesbian/ Bisexual (-5)

14. Has had a marriage of convenience (-40)

15. Speaks very loudly (-10)

16. Constantly flirts with her friend’s boyfriends (-10)

17. Laughs at the misfortune of others (-5)

18. Never pays on dates (-3)

19. Former er nai or xiao san (-20)

20. Has worked in a KTV/ massage parlour (-20)

21. Was previously married (-15)

22. Is a single mother (-30)

23. Cuts in line (-10)

24. Has had an abortion (-30)

25. Constantly compares herself with her friends (-10)

26. Has baggage (-5)

27. Can’t cook (-5)

28. Has anger management problems (-5)

  • She yells at people she argues with
  • She physically hits people

29. Passive agressive (-5)


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