How to meet girls at a University lecture

A University lecture can be a great place to meet women. Especially if your course has a predominately female dominated student body. Courses like Accounting and Finance, Medical Sciences, English literature, and International relations are courses with a majority female student body.


First, don’t talk during your lecture. You’re paying good money to listen to these lectures live. Talking during your lecture will quickly earn you the reputation of the guy who goes to class to pick up girls. You’re also distracting the girl you’re talking to, and the people around you. Don’t be inconsiderate. 

Second, don’t do anything stupid like drop your pen on purpose and get the girl in front of you to pick it up for you. Do it one too many times and this will get you noticed in the wrong way.

Third, don’t ask a girl questions about what the lecturer said. If you must clarify something, ask your lecturer and not another student.


Get to the lecture venue early. There will be a class in progress so everyone else who got there early will be bored and waiting for the previous class to finish. It’s not so much what you say but how you say it. Be confident and vocal. Today for example, I asked this girl what phone she had after she smiled at me. You can say anything to start a conversation, just don’t say anything strange like ask her where the nearest pet store is.

Once you’ve started the conversation with her, you can continue the conversation very easily by saying “I’ve seen you around a lot, what’s your name?”

You’ll probably get to banter for a couple of minutes before the lecture begins. Once lecture begins, don’t sit next to her. Sit where you usually sit. Girls are always rushing to their other classes/ commitments after lecture and catching up with their friends. If you stand around like a lost puppy, waiting for the right pocket of time to open up so you can talk to her, this is extremely needy behaviour.

If there is a girl by herself after the lecture (And chances are there will be, because her friends didn’t show up), talk to her about the lecture. Ask her if she understood ABC or whether she noticed the professor forgot to zip his pants (Ha).


First, make sure you show up well rested, showered, well-dressed and well groomed AND make sure you brush your teeth. While you don’t need to show up in a 3 piece Bespoke suit, don’t show up in a track suit like most guys do.

Second, unless the girl is extremely into you, you’re unlikely to successfully ask her for her phone number upon meeting her. You’ll be going to the same lecture hall for the rest of semester. Again, think long-term. Don’t be seen as the guy who hits on girls at lecture, it’ll ruin your chances of scoring with other girls. What you want to do is play the long waiting game. Assuming that you’re already spinning plates, you won’t have a problem waiting. Treat each girl you meet at the lecture with relatively low investment. Don’t forget, it’s a numbers game. Some girls will show interest in you, some won’t. Go after the yes girls. When you get the chance, ask them out to study/ do XYZ/ get coffee.


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