Types of Chinese girls – The friend magnet

The friend magnet is so named because she never goes anywhere or does anything without her girlfriends.  The night you meet her, she will definitely be out with her friends, regardless of whether it is at the bar, club, or other social event.

Getting her number is only the beginning of a very long and arduous journey to her pants. While very similar to the socialite, the friend magnet’s insistence on bringing her friend along for the date, is what sets them apart.

After getting her number and inviting her out on a date, she will either explicitly tell you that she will be bringing her friend along, or show up with her friend, unannounced.


Her insistence on bringing her friends with her all the time is not indicative of her disinterest in you. On the contrary, if she were not interested in you, she wouldn’t even give you her number. She wants to be with you; she knows it and her friends know it, but she doesn’t want to be viewed like a slut. By bringing her friend along, she can say that her friends were there to prevent her from making poor decisions (I.e hooking up with you). Doing so will allow her plausible deniability, such that when it finally happens, she can justify this to her friends.


As mentioned above, the friend magnet will either explicitly tell you that she’s bringing her friend along with her, or she will show up with her friend unannounced.

If the former happens, most of you will be tempted to quickly cancel the date. If the latter happens, the majority of you will try to excuse yourself quickly.

First, understand that with the friend magnet, getting a first day lay is extremely rare because she isn’t mentally prepared for it yet. Since you’ll have to go on several short dates anyway, use the first date with her friend to your advantage. See it as an opportunity to convert her friend to your side.

This is an uphill battle, because her friend knows that you want to fuck her. Her friend will inevitably shit test and cockblock you to ad infinitum. If you lose your temper, it will only lower your value in the eyes of the friend magnet and her friend. Don’t take her seriously, entertain her, show her how wrong she is about you. Her friend is just a girl with a vagina, game her as you would any other girl. Charm her with your charisma and humour. Tease her, make jokes, find a common topic to discuss. Tell her stories about your adventures. Humour her.

Once you’ve converted her friend over to your side, half the battle has been won, but you’ll still need to set up a second date. Spontaneity is your friend here. You’ll want to hit her up out of the blue on a weekday (Monday to Thursday) so she doesn’t have time to invite one of her girlfriends along to the date. My go to move is to call her, telling her that you’re near her home or workplace to see an old friend and that you would like to meet up for drinks when you finish. Put her on the spot. Assuming that she’s still interested, you’ve received her friend’s nod of approval, and she’s agreed to meet up with you spontaneously, you’ll most likely be able bed this girl if you have tight logistics.

Like the socialite, she’s used to social interactions consisting of lots of fast paced talking and laughing about stupid stuff with her friends, so any lull in the conversation will begin to bore her quickly. Entertainment and isolation are fundamental to your success.

Unfortunately, in today’s world of smartphones, YouTube, and social media, you’re fighting an uphill battle for her attention. For this reason, the friend magnet is an extremely poor return in investment; you’ll have to come up with several lines, jokes, and stories that will enrapture and amaze her as if her friend’s were around. You’ll have to keep the conversation moving forward all the time, constantly captivating her attention before you move to isolate her in private.

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