She either likes you or she doesn’t

A couple of weeks ago, I went out to a club with 2 of my Chinese friends and invited this girl I met 2 days ago to come with us.

When she and I initially met, I could tell she was into me. She could not take her eyes off me, even when I was talking to other people. She was also extremely curious about me, asking a plethora of questions over the course of our 30 minute interaction. She took my Wechat and dropped me a text the next day saying that she enjoyed our conversation. To be honest, I wasn’t that interested in her, but a girl I had in rotation had graduated and returned to China. I was horny that night and told her to come out with us.

My friends came over to my place and I introduced her. We had a couple of drinks before heading out. At the coat room of the club, a tall lanky Chinese guy came up to her and started talking to her. He was visibly inebriated and all over her. I, scouting the club for talent, couldn’t care less.

She, being polite, obliged him and made small talk. After checking our stuff into the coat room, we walked into the club to get some drinks. My friends introduced me to theirs, and lo and behold, Mr Orbiter comes up to her, asking her to dance. She brushed him off by telling him that she wanted to finish her drink first.

This happened several more times throughout the night to my great amusement. The orbiter would follow her around the club like a lost puppy; he left eventually. After finishing their drinks, my friends and their friends left to dance on the dance floor, leaving the two of us alone. I started making out with her in a quiet corner in the club.

The club was dead that night (Sunday), so she was the safest bet. I suggested we leave the club to go for a walk and she agreed without any hesitation. I teased her about her orbiter on the way home, accusing her of being a heart breaker. She giggled and told me that she was simply not interested in him.

We get to my place, start making out in the elevator and the clothes come off when we get into my apartment. No last minute resistance whatsoever.

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