Patience is a virtue

Asian girls in general are more conservative than Western girls. Of course, exceptions always do exist. There are western girls who are extremely conservative and Asian girls who are not, vice versa.

While I’ve used a Chinese girl in this post as an example, do note that the points mentioned her apply equally to all other types of Asian girls.

Depending on what type of Chinese girl you’re dealing with, you’ll either fuck her on the first date, or you’ll have to put her on the backburner, maintaining contact to build comfort and then, if you play your cards right, you’ll get to fuck her.


The library was packed with students writing their dissertations. I was particularly fond of the new layout; the University now had communal tables instead of individual desks. This made it easier for me to talk to random girls without being overtly intrusive.

Her jet black hair and big round eyes made her stand out from everyone else. She was dressed to impress. High heels and a floral dress. This was rather unusual, even by Chinese standards. The thought of having my penis in her vagina got my blood pumping. Emboldened, I planted my ass in front of her, opened my notebook to write some notes down for an idea I was thinking of. At the same time, I was making observations to see if there was anything I could pick up on to start a conversation with her.

Her phone was charging while she was reading a book. I asked in English if I could borrow her phone charger. She said yes and smiled, gazing at me with those big brown eyes. She was cute, a 7 at least. She had a great body too and wasn’t afraid to show it off. In fact, she must have revelled in male attention around her.

Silence. She was engrossed in her book and showed no interest in starting a conversation. No problem. From experience, unlike Western girls, I knew Chinese girls to be more shy and introverted. Regardless, my only goal was to test to see if she was interested in me.

In mandarin, I asked her about the book she was reading. She was surprised and asked why I knew mandarin. Was I Chinese? I responded by saying yes, I speak mandarin. She introduced herself, and told me about her studies, her hometown in China. She then began asking me questions about myself, so much so that we ended up having a 2 hour conversation. It was obvious she was into me. Half the battle had been won, I thought to myself. Before excusing myself, I opened up the call menu and handed my phone over to her without saying a word. She smirked at me and keyed in her phone number telling me to whatsapp her.

I whatsapp her and we engage in a photo exchange. She sends me a photo of the quay side to which I tell her that I go canoeing on the quay side very often.


I eventually tell her that I can take her on a ride with me if she promises not to push me in the water.


We set up the date for the next day 5 mins from my place.



I then sexualize the conversation a little by talking about her body. She tells me she goes to the gym really often blablabla


The next day rolls around and I make a joke telling her that the insurance company does not sell policies covering water sport accidents.


Because of how well the texts exchange has been going, I’m quite cocky at this point. This chick shows up carrying a backpack and a camera (Yes, to go canoeing on the river). I tell her to leave it at my place; she goes up and sits on the couch while I go to the bathroom. Feeling confident that I’ll fuck her on the first date, since she’s already seen my apartment, and will have to come back to collect her stuff later, we walk to the quayside and rent a canoe. We’re I’m paddling for 2 hours straight and eventually return the boat. We go back to my place and I try to touch her. She isn’t having any of it and actually bites my finger like a fucking animal. I walk her out of my apartment and tell her goodbye. I then maintain radio silence for 2 weeks, fucking my regulars and doing other things in my spare time.


After she bit my finger, I thought this chick was crazy and genuinely lost interest in her. Out of the blue, she sends me a telling me she was in a rooftop restaurant in London.


I bs with her on WhatsApp for a bit and end the conversation then and there. Push pull. One day, coincidentally, I bump into her and her friends at the supermarket. She tells me that her friends were going to a club later that evening and invited me to join. I told her I’ll see what I can do. She was wearing a sundress and showing plenty of skin, giving me a massive boner.


I shoot her a text asking her if she was cold and ask her about the club that evening.


She tells me that most of her friends were already drunk at a house party. I counter offer by asking if she wanted to do some sheesha.


She tells me that she’s brining a friend because there were many drunk people on the streets (Great, I think to myself). At the sheesha place, I bump into 2 friends of mine and the 5 of us (Myself and the girl, the girl’s friend, and my 2 friends) sheesha together. 1230 rolls over and we get kicked out by the owner. The 2 girls want to go to an after hours bar, we walk around the city but couldn’t find one. I call a cab for them and go home.


Another 2 weeks go by without any contact. I shoot her a WhatsApp asking if she wanted to go out for a drink. She said yes and I call her to set up a time.


I then start texting her about random stuff. The topic eventually shifts to guys in their 20s who are still virgins.



She then tells me that her ex was a virgin before she met her. Jackpot! I think to myself, she wants to fuck.

The next day comes and we meet up for drinks. At the bar, she’s touching me and teasing me about being gay. After a few rounds, I tell her that I’m going to walk her home before both of us get too drunk. We get to her place and watch a movie on the bed. She’s lying on my shoulder and I start making out with her. I start groping her boobs and ass and take her dress off. The bra and panties come off; she’s fully naked. I stick my dick into her, raw dog and get the bang. I blast on her stomach.

We continue watching the movie and go for round 2. I blast in her mouth this time and she sucks me off like a champ. It’s now 5am and I call a cab home. I go to bed extremely satisfied at how this series of events have unfolded.

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