Long term relationships with Chinese women

On this blog, I’ve mentioned several times that Chinese women are extremely K-selected. This can be seen from the few but very long long term relationships they have.

While I’ve had my fair share of relationships in the past and do not advocate monogamy because I am a horny bastard and value my freedom, a large portion of my beloved readers are interested in this topic. Without further ado, let’s begin.



Regardless of the type of Chinese girl you have, relationships are a trial for marriage. This rule holds true, unless you’ve made it clear from the get go that you do not want to get married and that your relationship with her is purely sexual.

Girl meets guy, they go out on several long dates. The guy spends lots of money on her. They have “the talk”, kiss, (possibly, but unlikely have sex; because they need to wait!) and eventually begin the long ritual of dating. Eventually, they have sex, and the girl moves in with the guy, vice versa. The new couple is experiences this honeymoon period where nothing can possibly go wrong. Both of them are ecstatic that they’ve found each other. They think they’re the luckiest people on earth. Eventually, the other party’s flaws begin to emerge. Perhaps it’s the man’s lack of hygiene or the woman’s constant neediness? God knows how, but they both look past it until eventually they have their first fight and start to show their true colors.

As time goes on, the honeymoon phase ends. They begin to split their domestic duties and eventually meet each other’s friends. Soon, they will meet each other’s families and perhaps buy a pet together. They get embroiled in each other’s lives so much so that the only respite from each other is perhaps school or work. As more of their flaws emerge, they start to get into more fights, with more drama ensuing. Societal programming tells them that this is part and parcel of being in a relationship and that once they resolve their problems, they can go back to their honeymoon phase where the world is perfect.

As time goes on, they either get married or breakup. If they do get married, depending on the bride’s social class, the groom pays a very hefty dowry to her family and arranges for a equally, if not more expensive wedding for several hundreds of people he’s never met before, or will only meet once. They’ll have babies, the wife will either stay at home, or work. They’ll raise their children together and supposedly retire and die, or get divorced and repeat the whole process again.


First, you’ll need to screen for the right type of Chinese girl. A leopard does not change its spots.

Second, make absolutely sure that you want to be in a long term relationship with this girl. Do not allow your emotions to cloud your judgment. If you are a westerner, Chinese girls are definitely a refreshing alternative to your run of the mill western feminazi woman, but they have their flaws and often, do things that are frankly very strange. Don’t be naive. Chinese girls are human beings too. While they may be great cooks, while they may be petite and tight down there, while they may look young, they have their flaws too.

Third, once you’ve decided that you want to be with this particular girl, based on objective reasoning, you need to let her know that the ensuing weeks are a trial period for the both of you to get to know each other. Make it clear to her that you want to be absolutely sure that the both of you are compatible, and that this is necessary to secure the long term happiness of both parties.

An important point to note is that while you may want a serious relationship with this girl (perhaps with the intention of marrying her), you should not, under any circumstances, wait more than 5 dates for sex (Ideally, you should be fucking her on your first try).


If you’re not meant to be, you’re not meant to be. This is why telling her about the trial period is so important; it gives her a realistic expectation of the future, and not some bullshit chinese-disney™ fantasy most girls have. It’s simple, just say “We’re better off as friends”. She will respond by asking why. When she does, tell her the truth, nicely. Do not burn bridges with this girl after you’ve broken up. You can either convert her into a fuck buddy later on, or she could introduce you to her friends who you can then fuck.

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