A Chinese girl’s roommate


Chinese society is structured in such a way that one’s life revolves around one’s social circle. This is why Wechat is so successful in spite of the fact that it is essentially a poor copy of Instagram/ Facebook. Chinese girls in particular are extremely conscious of how their peers perceive them. So how, you might ask, is this relevant to the topic at hand, a girl’s roomate?

This is how. When a Chinese girl leaves her family home (regardless of work or study in China, or outside of China), chances are she will have either a single roommate, or several roommate living in the same room or apartment as her. If she’s at a Chinese university or high school, chances are she will be living with at least 5 other girls in the female dormitory because that’s how the system works. These dorms look something like this:-

04007b3a096935ed863cd60219eb9991When a girl has so many roommates, that means that she is accounted for. Her roommates are surrogates for her family. Chinese people are very tribal by nature; if their relationship is good (chances are they have good relationships), they do look out for each other. So, if you’ve number closed a girl between the ages of 18-22, make sure you clarify if she lives in the University’s female dormitory before planning your date. Likewise, if you’re not in China, but have just met a girl from the mainland studying or working abroad, check what her living arrangements are before proceeding. I’ve made this fundamental mistake several times in the past and it’s come back to haunt me.

Unlike a non-chinese girl, you must take into account a Chinese girl’s roommates because they are accounted for. In the past, I used to plan dates at 8pm in the evening. This came back to haunt me when my date would get a text from her roommate asking her where she was. I told my date that I will make sure she gets home soon after some wine; we make out and I attempt to escalate. Her roommate then calls her to ask where she was. My date, a 22 year old grown ass woman, then tells me she has to go or else her roommate will be worried about her. Unbelievable right?

I vividly remember another time I planned a date past 8pm with another Chinese girl. We were out for barely 2 hours and her roommate repeatedly texts her asking her to come home. I tease my date, another 22 year old grown ass woman, about why her roommate is so needy. She then responds by telling me that her roommate was on her period and needed her to go home to take care of her. Un fucking believable right?

I eventually learnt my lesson and stopped planning such late night dates. To my horror, the curse of the roommate came back to haunt me. I met my date, a 23 year old Uni student for drinks. From what this girl told me, I could tell she was a virgin, so I didn’t try to push for the first date bang. Instead, I tried a different approach; I decided to go on several shorter dates to get her to be more comfortable around me before attempting to escalate. Having learnt my lesson previously, I proposed we meet at 4PM instead. As this girl was extremely introverted but she had asked for my number and I could tell she was attracted to me, I decided to invest around 2 hours to this first date. While the date was about to end, she told me she had to go home because her roommates had made dinner for her. Well done.


While I doubt that any girl’s roommate will maliciously try to cockblock you, there is a very simple way around the roommate dilemma. Before I go into this, if a girl has roommates (or family for that matter), she will not try to sleep over. This saves you the trouble of kicking her out; she will leave on her own accord eventually. Therefore, there is a silver lining oa girl having roommates.

First, you need to understand that almost all Chinese women are inherently needy to some extent. If her roommate doesn’t have a fuck buddy or a boyfriend for that matter, her roommate will be more dependent on her for emotional support/ company. This is the case if she has an ugly/ unattractive roommate. (You can verify this by asking to see photos of her rooomate).

In light of this, you need to make sure you plan your dates accordingly. On the day that you want to fuck her, plan it for the early afternoon; 2pm latest (I personally prefer 1pm) This gives you a buffer of 4 hours to meet her and fuck her before she has to go get dinner/ do her nails/ dye her roommate’s hair/ go shopping with her roommate/ teach her roommate how to do her homework/ whatever shitty (but valid) excuse she has. Furthermore, chances are that her cockblocking roommate will be busy running errands/ having lunch/ at school/ work in the day, potentially lowering the chances of her cockblocking you via the phone.

Secondly, if you’re not attempting to fuck her on the first date, but instead, are planning several short dates, you will only need to schedule the date that counts (i.e when you’ve made her comfortable around you and you’ve got an inkling that the bang will happen) for the early afternoon.

Lastly, don’t forget to have an abundance mentality. From experience, things rarely pan out they way you want them to. While you can minimize the risk of something occurring, you cannot prevent it entirely. Enjoy the ride nonetheless, be outcome independent. If things don’t work out, you’ve learnt a free lesson that will help you in your future endeavours.


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