Flaking doesn’t bother me anymore

Women change their mind all the time; they are extremely impulsive. Just like how a girl could buy shoes on a whim and change her mind about them after a few wears, a girl can be extremely interested in you today but change her mind tomorrow. As a man, this is extremely frustrating. There is no plausible, scientific reason for flaking. A woman changing her mind about whether she is attracted to you is simply a cost of doing business. Charge it to the game. Don’t bother trying to understand why she flaked on you, don’t bother searching for the answers-this search will get you nowhere. It is an act of futility that gets you nothing except depression.

I used to have a scarcity mentality when I pined all my hopes of sex and intimacy on one woman. However, since I started spinning plates, I have since developed an abundance mentality. I don’t give a shit if a girl flakes on me because she had her period, or her mum is in hospital, or she had a friend’s birthday she forgot about. This shit doesn’t bother me anymore. In fact, unless I have a date with a genuine 9 or 10, someone genuinely interesting, I hope she flakes on me so I can do something else instead of listen to her incisive yammering about how she argued with her best friend over XYZ. If she does flake on me, I’ll do something else like go to the gym, call one of my plates to come over then kick her out, or hang out with a male friend.

Gentleman, life is too short to get upset over that one girl who flaked on you. You are the prize, don’t ever forget that.

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