Spinning plates

Like having multiple sources of income, it is imperative that you have multiple sources of sex. I’ve seen many guys make the mistake of only having 1 source of income, and even worse, only having 1 source of sex.

We as human beings are inherently lazy. Most people are satisfied if they can keep the lights on and indulge in various pleasures occasionally, so much so that they don’t attempt to find other sources of income. This is how most people get locked into the 9-5. Likewise, most men are happy if they have a reasonably attractive girlfriend, or meet a cute girl off the streets who gives them what they want.

But what happens when one source of income or sex is cut off? Wha you have to fall back on? What’s your contingency plan? What’s your backup?

The focus of this article will be on spinning plates. Aka running a harem. Aka having multiple girls in rotation. Aka living the player lifestyle.



As I’ve mentioned here, any reasonably attractive girl will have a small army of beta orbiters kissing her ass, telling her how gorgeous she is. You can bet your ass that if her phone beeps when she’s out with you, some guy is trying to get in her pants. In addition, a girl will have her social circle of men, gay guys, and women constantly distracting her.

Therefore, the first reason why a girl might flake on you is because something in her life is more interesting than you. Be it a friend’s birthday, a girlfriend’s wedding, or a night out.

That aside, in Asia, ‘saving face’ forms a large facet of the culture. ‘Face’ loosely refers to one’s reputation; the second reason why a girl might flake on you, is to save face. Things could be going very well for you and one day very strangely, she stops talking to you altogether. This is because she wants to save face; she wants to avoid embarrassing herself and yourself without telling you directly that she’s not interested. Ghosting is the go-to method of doing this. Why would she not be interested in you then?

She could still be very into you, but very often, it might be that she’s embarrassed she slept with a foreigner. She wants to keep this as discreet as possible to preserve whatever reputation she has left. In Asia, girls are occasionally publicly shamed for going out with foreigners, let alone sleeping with them.


Now if you’re Asian yourself, a whole new set of rules apply to you. While a girl won’t be publicly shamed for going out with another Asian guy, societal programming might make it such that she might feel guilty for sleeping with you when the two of you are not girlfriend and boyfriend. It could be that she feels bad for not having better physical restraint. Regardless of whatever reasons shes’ used to justify not seeing you again, almost certainly, this is a lost cause.


Firstly, as men, we have an innate desire to get lots of sex from various different women. It’s built into our biology; there’s no way around it, contrary to what societal programming tells you.

Secondly, for more pragmatic purposes, spinning plates is now a necessity in light of how flakey women have become. You’d be a fool to not spin plates and rely almost entirely on one girl for sex. Like building multiple sources of income, the only way for a guy to get laid with any level of consistency these days is to play the numbers game. Approach as many girls as you can, run game while developing your sexual market value, then keep as many girls on rotation as possible; if one of them leaves the harem, you won’t care or even notice.

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