Reinitiating contact with an old plate

In this article, I discussed how you should aim to have enough girls in rotation such that if one girl disappears, you would hardly notice. This aside, there are several circumstances when you would want to contact a girl that left the harem.

I don’t like one night stands, therefore I try not to next girls unless it is absolutely necessary. I don’t burn bridges without good reason because I want to maintain mutually amicable relations with the girls I’ve banged so that I can ask them for favors or bang them again in future. You’ve already spent all that time jumping through her hoops getting her into rotation, it is a very poor decision to throw all that work away for no good reason.

While I like Chinese girls for several reasons, they do things to piss me off at times. Recently, after banging several Chinese girls with really flat asses, I thought about this Chinese girl with the nicest ass I’ve ever fucked. As an added bonus, she was tall (175cm) and had extremely well toned and long legs. Thinking about the few times we fucked before she had to go to France for her masters made me hard. I really wanted to fuck this girl again, so I shot her a message on Wechat.


Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 8.20.05 PM

I shot her a text saying her ass was so huge that it stuck out of the screen. (We had a running joke about her having a black girl’s ass). She responds quickly, asking if I was jealous. I wait a few hours (was at the gym and running errands) saying that I missed her bubble butt to which she replied “come to France then”.


Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 8.23.19 PM

She goes on to say that if I did go to France to see her, she would cook for me, sleep with me (on the same bed) and show me around. She follows up by saying she’s going to Paris next weekend (I live in the South of England; she wants me to fly over to see her).


Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 8.23.41 PM

I tell her that unfortunately, university just started for me so I can’t take off like that. I then counter offer by telling her that I’ll see if I can visit in December. I then change the topic by asking her if she was accustomed to living in France.

Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 8.24.02 PM

She responds by saying she’s getting used to life in France. Having previously (the lat time we fucked) mentioned that I would be expected to attend a friend’s graduation ceremony in December, she then asks if I could make it in December in light of my friend’s graduation. Before I have a chance to respond, she tells me that she wants to come over to England before her Visa expires in January.

Now all thats left is to ride things out till January by occasionally sending ‘maintenance’ texts and making concrete plans for her to come over when the time comes.


My restart text worked because this girl was heavily invested in me the last time we met (2 months ago). To her, I was an enigma. By teasing her about her bubble butt, she remembered the orgasms I gave her the last time we fucked and wanted to see me again. In other words, if you leave with a good impression, you can always rekindle the flames that defined your relationship previously.

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