Why Chinese guys have problems getting laid

China, in addition to India, has the most number of people on Earth. Logically, this means that the Chinese are having lots of sex and giving birth to lots of kids right? If the Chinese are having lots of kids, that means that Chinese guys don’t have problems getting laid RIGHT? No, not really.

Chinese guys have a fucking hard time getting laid for several reasons. If you’re Chinese and find this offensive, I’m only trying to help you out by stating facts and giving you tangible suggestions on how to improve your situation.


Firstly, most Chinese guys are extremely introverted to the point of having crippling approach anxiety. I shit you not. Most mothers tell their boys from a young age that they should under no circumstances, talk to girls. Instead, they should focus on studying and getting good grades to bring pride and honour to the family.

As a result of this social conditioning, little boys stay the fuck away from little girls from a young age. Boys hang out with other boys, and girls hang out with other girls. There is this unspoken segregation that almost everyone complies with. There is of course the exception to this rule and very often, the exception is the one who gets all the girls in class. Mr eligible teenager. Boys naturally grow up to become teenagers, puberty kicks in, hormones and all that jazz. Having reluctantly taken their vow of silence for so long, many Chinese boys have no fucking clue how to speak to girls. They fumble around, being goofy as shit; eventually, they get friend zoned and remain frustrated, and very often, become addicted to internet porn and jerking off into a dirty sock. This problem is further exacerbated when Chinese guys become addicted to computer games and stay in their rooms day in day out playing warcraft/ runescape etc etc. It’s a fucking vicious cycle, so much so that most men get arranged marriages in China (and are often virgins until they get married).

Unsurprisingly, as a result of years of social conditioning, most Chinese guys have become socially autistic. This is again mostly due to their social conditioning. Competition is extremely intense in China, with so many people vying for the same positions (no pun intended), Chinese social conditioning dictates that everyone should stay in their own lane, conform to the social norms for the greater good. Therefore, most Chinese guys are afraid to step out of their comfort zone. They merely conform to the social standards expected of them for the fear of losing face. Approaching women you don’t know is out of the social norm; crossing this line could mean being chastised by family if seen by one of their informants. You get the point.

My point is, a large majority of Chinese men DO NOT cold approach women they don’t know. So where do they find their women? Through their social circles! That leads me to the second reason why Chinese guys have a hard time getting laid.


Your run of the mill Chinese guy meets women through his social circle. Guys being guys want the hot girl who has long legs, long hair, a flat stomach, a nice ass, and nice tits. The problem is most guys do not realize how sexually unattractive they are.

You see, Chinese guys are conditioned to believe that if they had money, women would fall into their laps (magically from the sky). While this was partially true for their fathers and grandfathers, this couldn’t be farther from the truth in the 21st century. As I’ve mentioned here, wealth is only a facet of your sexual market value. You MUST take good care of your looks, unless you want to pay escorts for the rest of your life, or get an arranged marriage. So Chinese guys reading this, this means you need to hit the gym and get in shape. If you’re skinny and scrawny, you need to build muscle. If you’re fat and overweight, you need to lose the flab ASAP. If you have a bad haircut, get a professional one. Get some stylish clothes, fix your skin, ditch the glasses for contacts. You get the point. Above all, you need to learn game. To get the highest quality women, you need to raise your Sexual Market Value.


Chinese guys take a god awful time to escalate. While I do admit that the first date bang recipe scares most Chinese girls away, many Chinese guys (again, through their social conditioning) choose to take girls out to expensive fancy smancy dinners, have a long ass dialogue about whether they share common interests/ stories about their mutual friends etc etc etc. The point of going out on a date is to stick your penis into the girls vagina as soon as possible. If you want to screen a potential candidate for marriage, go get a fucking arranged marriage god damnit. By being so K-selected, most Chinese guys have set the frame all wrong from the start of the interaction. Unsurprisingly, sex only happens once the couple become a couple. Chinese guys, if you want no strings attached sex with a plethora of young fertile women, do not fucking put yourself in the boyfriend box. I don’t care if the girl you met was someone you met off of tantan, I don’t give a shit if she’s your friend’s friend, I am indifferent to whether she’s your mum’s friend’s daughter. You taking her out is your punt at intercourse with her as soon as possible.


Having established that most Chinese guys get sex by girlfriending girls from their social circle/ family connections (i.e their only source of sex is from 1 woman), I’m here to tell you that Chinese guys are notorious for doing shit to get girls to close their legs.

Some examples include:

  • Buying a scale as a birthday gift (what other message will they convey other than you think the girl is fat?)
  • Getting caught cheating (see the total indifference breakup)
  • Losing their tempers and overreacting in the heat of the moment
  • Making inappropriate jokes
  • Causing a girl to lose face in front of her friends

And the list goes on…..

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