3 ways to get over your irrational fear of speaking to girls

Feel your heartbeat rising? Palms sweating, sudden numbness in your arms, legs gone limp? Cat got your tongue? Feel a genuine paralyzing fear preventing you from articulating yourself? This takes you back to when you were a kid and you had the biggest crush on the class princess doesn’t it? The times when you prayed to dear god that the girl of your dreams will realize (by telekinisis) that you love her and reciprocate your feelings. **Cringe**

The problem with this is that you’re an adult and not a fucking teenager anymore. Yet, these symptoms of approach anxiety prevent you, a grown ass man, from approaching the women that you are entitled to. Your fears are irrational. They are unfounded. These fears being irrational, can only be overcome through logic. In this post, I will discuss in detail how you can talk to yourself whenever you get irrational.


Women are women. Regardless of how she looks, she is flesh and bone, just like yourself. I don’t give a shit how exotic she looks to you, she may be Kazakh, Mongolian, Chinese, or Korean, she’s a human being just like yourself. There’s thus no good reason why she’s better than you.

First, understand that unless you’re willing to travel to the most remote places on Earth, there are very few women who possess natural beauty, Think about her lying on your bed naked, without makeup, and you’ll soon find that her “beauty” is overrated. When you can picture her without these beauty aids, you’ll soon realize that she’s not any better than you. Don’t forget that if she’s a reasonably attractive girl, chances are she already has an army of beta orbitors–don’t be another one; take her off the pedestal. By humanizing her beauty, you’ll treat her as you would any other girl. Does it make sense to treat a plain jane any different from a 9? Nope, it’s irrational and stupid. Don’t fall into this trap.

Second, except for looks, the majority of women don’t have much going on for them. Contrary to the feminist conditioning that you’ve received, I’m here to drive home the point that unlike a man’s sexual market value, a woman’s sexual market value is solely dictated by her looks. Remember, women age like cheese, men age like wine. She may be at her peak sexual market value now, but this is unsustainable in the long run. Do not ever forget this. As a man, society judges you by what you accomplish,  not how you look. As a young man, I’ve fallen into the Disney bullshit fantasy of living happily ever after. After numerous encounters with vapid, boring women, including Chinese women, I’ve realized that women lack the drive and discipline to pursue their goals and further improve themselves. For this reason, and as harsh as this sounds, women, even my high end Long term relationships, compliment my life and don’t complete it. God made all vaginas equal; a vagina is essentially a warm orifice you stick your junk in repeatedly. As long as you’ve consistently worked on various facets of your sexual market value, you can rest assured that YOU ARE THE PRIZE. 

Third, the fact that numerous ugly looking guys are out with model quality girls contradicts your irrational belief that attractive women only fuck attractive guys. This is simply not the case. Rather, you have been conditioned to believe this by society and the media. While being exceptionally attractive is not a pre-requisite to getting attractive women, maximizing your looks as far as possible is important. How well are you dressed? Ditch the sneakers for loafers. Ditch the sweat pants for a nice pair of slim fit jeans. Ditch your T-shirt for a crisp, well-ironed dress shirt. Is your hair tidy or an unruly mess? Do you have acne? Do you have wrinkles? When was the last time you shaved?


The second irrational fear most guys have is that if they get shot down by women, the universe will implode and they’ll have to dig a hole in the ground and hide themselves. You may think this is hyperbole, but the fact remains that this is the main source of apprehension for most guys, especially Asian guys.

When you approach a girl, you’re essentially betting on yourself. You’re betting on the fact that the girl will eventually like you enough to either come home with you, or give you her number so you can set up a first date with her. With any form of gambling, there is an inherent risk of losing. Some girls simply won’t like you for one reason or another. She’s on her period, she just got out of a relationship, she’s into other girls, she’s had a fight with her mum. Don’t internalize it, don’t take it personally. Cold approaching women has an extremely high attrition rate. It’s essentially a numbers game. For every rejection you get, success is just around the corner.


It’s not what you say, but how you say it. I’ve opened with the stupidest lines ever imaginable. I’ve asked a girl where the salt in the supermarket is, I’ve asked where she’s from. Hell, I’ve even asked a girl if her boobs were real. Don’t spend all fucking day thinking about what to say. If a chick is into you, she’s into you. Whatever you want to say, say it with confidence and without apologies.


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