The various facets of a man’s sexual market value

We rank women based on their looks; usually on a scale of 1 to 10. Several factors affect a woman’s sexual market value:-

  • Her facial structure
  • The amount of make up she has
  • Is she dressed feminine? Is she wearing a dress and heels or Jeans and sneakers?
  • How big is her cleavage?
  • How straight are her teeth?
  • Does she wear perfume?
  • What colour are her eyes?
  • Does she have a bubble butt?
  • How tall is she?
  • Does she have a flat stomach or a spare tyre?
  • How long is her hair?

Unlike women, whose sexual market values are confined to how attractive they are, men’s sexual market value consists of other facets that make one a high value man.


How financially independent are you? Are you struggling to make ends meet? Eating baked beans and toast so you have money to booze it up on the weekend? Are you rolling like a baller, driving a bimmer with 40 grand in the bank? Can you afford to indulge or are you constantly pinching pennies?

While you should never pursue money at the expense of your happiness and freedom, there is no denying that money is a means to an end. While you don’t have to be a Millionaire, your life will be pretty miserable if you’re struggling to keep the lights on.

While I do not advocate going out with gold diggers, as someone who constantly dates younger women (who still live with their parents and are financially dependant on them), I don’t lose sleep over buying them a drink because I have an abundance mentality and know that I can always make more money.


While there aren’t many geniuses around, I believe that if you weren’t born retarded, or your mother didn’t drop you on your head when you were a baby, or you aren’t intentionally numbing your mind with opiates, alcohol, or reality TV garbage, you can actively grow your IQ with hard work, dedication and the right mentors.

Being well read on a range of topics that genuinely excite and interest you is just the beginning. Are you able to think critically and not take things at face value? How street smart are you? Can you think outside the box? How creative are you?

These are all facets of intelligence that will only increase if you consciously make efforts to apply yourself.


We’ve all heard the saying “It’s not what you know, but who you know”. In many countries, especially China, the more well connected a man is, the more doors will open for him. Business opportunities, special discounts, women, access to exclusive clubs. . Having strong social connections also shows that you are socially calibrated and pre-selected. I.e If other people want to be around you, women will too, naturally.

This aside, rolling out with a good crew, or a good wingman, will collectively increase the SMV of the group altogether.


This is self-explanatory. Would a girl be more attracted to a skinny, lanky guy who’s thinner than her, or someone who has biceps the size of her face? While these are hyperbolic examples, you get the point I’m trying to make. You don’t need to look like a bodybuilder; as long as you’ve kept yourself in shape by doing heavy compound movements at the gym coupled with cardiovascular exercises and a healthy diet, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t have a flat stomach and an aesthetically appealing body. Most guys past the age of 30 start getting beer bellies and begin to look more and more disgusting by the day. Don’t be that guy.


Do you take good care of your skin? Do you have loads of wrinkles? Is your beard neatly trimmed?


Wealth is only one facet of success. Ask yourself, are you a winner or a loser at what you do? Winning in life affects your inner game, your sense of self-worth, and how you perceive reality. Losers attract losers, winners attract winners. Start winning today!


Lastly, being charismatic is another important trait every high value man must have. I’ve known several elderly men who’ve done extremely well with much much younger women solely based on how charismatic they were. Are you funny? Do you have a way with words? How witty are you? How good is your conversational banter?

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