No logistics? No problem

If you’re under 21, chances are you still live with your parents. Hell, in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, or Tokyo, most people live with their parents till they get married partly because of their social conditioning, and partly because of how high property prices are.

Assuming you’ve successfully gotten a girl’s phone number, what do you do next if you plan to implement the first date bang recipe, but have no place of your own? You have several options


Bring your own alcohol and portable speaker to set the mood. Don’t forget to contact your host to make sure you can check in way ahead of the date so you can set everything up/ familiarize yourself with the location.

Before booking the Airbnb, it is imperative that you do some research on whether there are bars/ coffeeshops within walking distance of the apartment. In the event that there aren’t any nearby (i.e it is a strictly residential area), you’re all set if you’re within walking distance from the metro/ subway.


Just because you live with your family, doesn’t mean she does. If you live in a large cosmopolitan city, chances are you’ll get foreign students, girls on their internships, girls working etc etc etc. These girls will either be living with their friends, roommates, by themselves, or with their landlords. The point is, they’ll have a place which is much more private that yours if you live with your family. All you need to do is invite yourself up to their place. This begs the question. How do you do that?

With Anna, we went for yogurt near her place. I told her I didn’t know the area well and would have liked to visit. After the yogurt, I told her that I would walk her back home to make sure she was safe. We got to the porch of her place, and she cheekily asked me “So do you want to come up?” I smirked and said of course I do. She told me to wait downstairs so she could make sure the coast was clear. I waited for 15 minutes and got a whatsapp message from her telling me to go up to the 10th floor. I took my shoes off and snuck into her room where we made out and started fucking.

The other tried and tested method I’ve used is to ask a girl if I could use her restroom. I’ve also told girls to show me their music collection/ watch a film/ their book library. Girls talk a lot on dates, so you need to be extremely mindful of what they tell you and pick up on it. In an ideal universe, you’ll have girls telling you to come back to their place to watch movies/ play the violin, but as you’ll probably have realized by now, girls don’t need game. They just need to show up and be attractive; this is where you need to reverse proposition her. Since you don’t have the logistics, you need to weasel your way back to her place by giving yourself an excuse to be there. I.e Make sure that there is enough plausible deniability to justify your presence. Once there, escalate as per normal and secure the bang.

3. KTVs

KTV stands for Karaoke TV. It’s essentially a small room that you rent for several hours to sing karaoke. KTVS are advantageous because they are really comfortable; most of them have brand new sofas. Some even have beds in them!

I’ve brought girls on dates to Karaoke places and banged them out then and there. Remember how when you were a  kid you would make out in a quiet corner of the cinema? Same concept, except with a KTV, you get more privacy. Some KTV rooms have windows where the staff can see into, but fret not, scope out the place before your date. There are bound to be some rooms where the window is facing a blank wall and the sofa is behind this wall. Book that specific room and make sure you don’t book it when it’s peak hour! My favourite time to go is between 1-4pm where it’s cheaper and practically deserted.

4. A CAR

If you have your own car/ could borrow/ rent a car, take a girl out to the beach/ any remote location and fuck her brains out in the car.


This is almost always a last resort. Before you say “eew, the toilet is gross”, you’ll be surprised how many girls are down for toilet sex because of how risky it is. You’ll also be surprised at how high end some toilets can be; I’ve banged girls out in baby changing rooms where they had sofas!

Unfortunately, these facilities are not in abundance. A word of caution: a toilet bang should not be attempted the first time you have sex with a girl, most girls will freak out when you tell them that you wanna fuck them in the bathroom stall. Once a girl is reasonably comfortable around you, all you need to do is lead her to the bathroom stall (Preferably a disabled toilet or baby changing room) and take your pants off. For practical reasons, your best option would be to bang her doggy style.

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