Why I don’t like one night stands

I don’t like going to clubs because I feel extremely tired after a night out. I feel both physically and mentally drained. While I make it a point to go out sober, the several hours talking to various different sets (mixed, or otherwise) is extremely draining and extremely burdensome. This is especially so when going out solo. Notwithstanding this, having to maneuverer my way through cockblocking male and female friends is extremely time consuming and frankly, not worth pursuing. All things considered, I am not a huge proponent of night game because of how erratic and unpredictable the results are. Nevertheless, all things considered, it is fun to do once in a while.

That being said, one night stands (a misnomer really), don’t necessarily involve a night out. I’ve banged girls out a couple of hours from meeting them. I’ve fucked girls on a 2nd date. A one night stand, is really just you having sex with the girl and not contacting her in any way, shape or form, thereafter. I.e nexting her after you’ve fucked her.

I don’t like one-night stands for the simple reason that it is a very poor return on investment. Let’s take the analogy of a restaurant. Which do you think is more successful, a restaurant that is constantly overbooked by its regulars or a restaurant that gets busy with new clients occasionally? It’s the former obviously. because it has built a clientele that will continue being loyal to it for years on end. Likewise, spinning plates/ building a harem of girls makes more sense because you’ll have a constant supply of pussy at your fingertips.

This is of course, my opinion; you’re free to do whatever you want. If you genuinely enjoy the thrill of pursuing a one-night stand, be it, through night game or day game, be my guest. Just bear in mind that there are better more economical ways to approach this.


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