Hold my handbag it’s heavy

As I’ve mentioned here, Chinese women do several things that irritate the shit out of me. One of the things that irritates me most is when a girl asks me to hold her handbag for her.

When I first started dating my first Mainland Chinese girlfriend, she tried to get me to hold her handbag several times. I knew this would happen and my strategy initially was to keep my hands in my pocket when she held out her bag and released it, hoping I would automatically hold it for her. Guess what? Her expensive £3,000 bag fell onto the ground over and over again. I soon realized this was an inefficient strategy and decided to be upfront with her about it. I told her that I would not hold her bag because it was extremely beta thing to do. I explained to her, that her handbag was designed for women by women. If I flipped the situation around, would she be happy if I made her carry my big ass bulky gym bag around? No, of course not.

I then very politely told her to not fill her bag up with so much unnecessary crap and to pack only the essentials. You’ll be surprised what unnecessary shit women keep in their purses. She then said she had several books inside for school, to which I responded by telling her to take the heaviest thing out and I’ll carry it. (I ended up carrying a big ass book for 10 blocks).

Almost always, Chinese women will say something along the lines of “My bag is heavy”, playing the damsel in distress card. Your response is simple, tell her to take out whatever is heavy and you’ll carry it.

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