How to get laid on a first date

So you’ve gotten a girl’s number and she’s agreed to meet up with you. How do you fuck her as soon as possible?

Disclaimer: This will almost always work for non-asian women. That is not to say that this formula does not work on Asian women,  or Chinese women in particular, it has worked for me, but only with the right type of Chinese girl .


You’ll need the following:-

a) Something interesting to proposition your girl with

b) Apartment within walking distance of the city

c) Alcohol (Optional)

d) At least 3 hours


I tell the girl to meet me at a landmark within walking distance of my apartment. This can be anything from the store front of a large department store, a starbucks, or at a particular metro station. Doesn’t matter, as long as it is within walking distance.

I meet the girl at the location and then make an excuse to go home. My personal favourite is “I forgot to switch off the heating, let me go back and turn it off quickly, I live just around the corner”. Of course, if it’s summer, you could always say that you left your wallet at home, forgot your sunglasses, umbrella etc. Be creative and make it as innocuous as possible. The most important thing to remember is that you want to make it as casual as possible, like it’s no big deal. The purpose of you going back to ‘switch off your heating’, or ‘take your wallet’, is to show her your apartment. Why is this step so crucial for your first date bang? Because the girl would be more comfortable going back to your place if she’s seen it once already; she would then be more receptive to sex. Gents, remember, women need to feel comfortable before having sex.


Once you’ve switched off your heating or taken your wallet, you need to bounce her to the first venue. My personal favourite is to go to a rooftop bar, or somewhere quiet.

Tell her you’re buying the first round then proceed to banter with her. Crack some jokes, get to know her. Get her to loosen up. Once you’ve finished your drinks, bounce her to venue 2.


Venue 2 would either be a bar or coffeeshop. The reason for bouncing her to this venue instead of staying at venue 1, is to make her feel comfortable walking with you to the point where she would be comfortable following you home. Keep the conversation going and begin sowing the seeds of seeing/ doing something back at your apartment. For example “Have you seen the movie XYZ?”, or “I have a guitar back at home, I can play XYZ song”. Don’t be needy when you say this. Again, the key is to say this very casually as if it is no big deal. Calibrate accordingly, if she’s not receptive to going back home with you to watch that movie or do XYZ activity, you can either bounce her to venue 3 to build more comfort, or call it a day.


My personal favourite thing to do is to watch a movie with some sex scenes in it. I sit the girl down on the sofa next to me and make her a drink. I let the movie play for 10-20 minutes depending on how close she’s sitting to me. Some girls lean on me, while other girls sit quite far from me. The closer she sits to you, the more she likes you, and the higher your chances of fucking her. Regardless of whether she sits near or far to/ from me, my go to move is to massage her neck and ask her what she’s done to have had such stiffness in her neck. I then wait for the right moment to push her head towards me and make out with her. I have however, had this backfire on me. One particularly crazy girl bit me when I tried to put my hand behind her neck, needless to say, I stopped seeing her after that.


Take breaks between kisses. Continue making out, slide your hand under her skirt/ jeans  and take her panties off. I don’t need to tell you what to do next. If she rebuffs your advances, take 1 step back and 2 steps forwards until every piece of clothing comes off. Then go for the kill.


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