5 things I love about Chinese women

In this post, I discussed how Chinese women have extremely irritating habits Chinese women have and the things they do that piss me off. One thing that I’ve learnt over the years is that there is no perfect country, no perfect person, no perfect woman, no perfect anything in the world. Quality varies accordingly.

In consideration of this, I’m going to tell you what I love about Chinese women.


Chinese women are very self-conscious about their personal hygiene. While most of them have hairy bushes, they make damn sure that they clean down there properly–this is especially so when on their period. As you may or may not be aware by now, the concept of face, or how you appear to others in public, is extremely important in Chinese society. Unlike the west, you’ll never see a Chinese girl go out in dirty clothes, or smelling like vomit from last night’s shananigence. If you’re out on a date with a Chinese girl, you can be damn sure that she’s spending a minimum of 2 hours showering, washing her hair, waxing (your mileage may vary), grooming herself, getting made up etc. With that in mind, when planning dates please bear in mind that a Chinese girl will not give you any credit for bringing her to dirty grungy places like dive bars, outdoor concerts, abandoned subway stations, etc… Your best bet is a clean and bright venue like a coffee shop or upscale bar. Ever notice how Chinese women keep their handbags (regardless of size) on their laps/ behind their back when they sit down. If you wondered why Chinese women never leave their bags on the floor, the reason is because they would rather be inconvenienced by their bag than see it dirtied.

With that being said:-

  • Save the outdoor activities until you get to know her better
  • Pick a clean venue for your date
  • Make sure you yourself are clean and well groomed; a haircut and shave goes a long way.


As a general rule of thumb, girls from the South have very poor alcohol tolerance, while girls from the north have higher alcohol tolerance. Like most Asians, Chinese girls lack an enzyme to break down alcohol. This saves you and your liver from the obligatory minimum of 5 shots of vodka you would otherwise need with a western girl. Regardless of alcohol tolerance, or alcohol enzymes (or lack thereof), Chinese women (with the exception of KTV girls) don’t drink like fish. A simple tea or coffee will do.


Let me briefly explain what R/K selection is. This is a theory used by biologists in studying sexual reproduction patterns in animals. R-selected animals are animals lower down the food chain, like mice, rabbits, and sheep. These animals have many offspring with many different mates–much like women in the west. As R-selected animals are lower down the food chain, this mating strategy is necessary to maximize the odds of the next generation surviving.

K-selected animals, on the other hand, are animals that have few offsprings and few mates, These are animals higher on the food chain, like wolves, lions, and tigers. These animals spend more time with their offspring in order to maximize their chances of survival.

In other words, R-selected women are your run of the mill single mothers who have several children out of wedlock. K-selected women, on the other hand, are women who are marriage material.

As I have discussed here, and will discuss in my later posts in further detail, Chinese women have very very long relationships. While Chinese men are notoriously beta and, like Chinese women, have very annoying habits (I will touch on this in a later post), the women have very high tolerances for minor infractions. Being K-selected, if you find the right type of Chinese girl, you’ll have a ride or die bitch on your hands. You won’t need to be machiavellian as you do with Western girls. All you need is to demonstrate that you yourself are a high-value man. You do this by building wealth, strong social ties, leveraging your looks, being well-read and well-travelled. You can demonstrate this though your pengyouquan as I’ve mentioned here.


This is a double-edged sword. As I’ve mentioned here, I’m extremely irritated by the self-imposed dietary restrictions and other inconveniences Chinese women place on themselves when they have their periods. Regardless, they have good intentions for doing so. Traditional Chinese medicine dictates that the conditions a woman is under, during her period, will affect her fertility. This ties in again to the inherent K-selected nature of women.

Chinese women don’t drink cold water, they dress warmly for the occasion, eat proper food, take damn good care of their skin, and exercise often. As I’ve mentioned above, Chinese girls don’t really drink a lot. With that, you can also safely assume that not many Chinese girls smoke or do drugs. If you intend to wife up a Chinese girl, you can rest assured that the vessel that carries your child has been well taken care of. You should also note that pregnancy is a big thing in China, often to the point of ridiculousness. When a Chinese woman is pregnant, her whole family is involved in making sure she is well fed and comfortable, in the least stressful environment.


As I’ve alluded to above, one’s ‘face’ is extremely important in Chinese Culture. Chinese people hate being embarrassed, or losing face. Therefore, they do not like to draw attention to themselves unlike your typical western hoe. If either yourself or your girl has done something extremely stupid, brush it off with a laugh and don’t dwell on it. Tease her lightly but don’t overdo it. It might not affect a confident sovereign man like yourself, but years of societal programming DOES take it’s toll on anyone who’s grown up in China. One’s face, one’s reputation is extremely important. Some things are better off not being said or pointed out.

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