5 rules for your uni girlfriend

A large segment of my audience are 18 year olds who’ve just moved out of their parents place. Most of you are extremely hormonal at this age, you’ll want to fuck anything that moves and I don’t blame you; universities are packed full of attractive girls at their peak sexual market value.

I’ve seen most guys make this mistake over and over again. Go to university, meet your “soul mate”, develop absurd levels of oneitis and get clinically depressed when the relationship ends.

Regardless of whether you’re a freshman who can’t contain his excitement of meeting new co-eds, or a senior, this guide will tell you what you should and shouldn’t do.

1. Do not get fucking married

You’ve just left the forced association with your parents, you don’t know what you want for yourself, let alone what you want in a woman when you’re 18. Silence that fucking voice in your head thats’ telling you the girl you met while doing laundry in your student accommodation is your soul mate.

You’re not the only one who doesn’t know what they want in their life. Girls mature faster, but they’re equally as clueless as you when it comes to finding your mission and purpose in life.

You’re young and naive, but there is a wide world of women to explore. Your high school sweetheart? Yeah that shit ain’t happening, unless there’s a kid involved or its an arranged marriage (Yes that shit still happens in China).

University is your buffet. You get to pick and sample different types of women. Like something, eat more of it. Don’t like something, dump it (pardon the pun). Everyone who first comes to Uni has a lot of growing up to do. That girl that liked you in freshman year because you were sweet and sent her a note after the entire building was evacuated when the fire alarm went off, yeah she’s probably not going to like you anymore when she starts meeting older guys. Then you’ll sit there crying because you haven’t changed or grown worth dick over the last few years because of her while she fucks chad thundercock. Work on yourself, fuck as many girls as you can, and of course do well in school.

2. Do not date sluts

5 cocks or less, preferably virgin, is the magic number here. Nuff’ said. While you should not date sluts, sluts are fun to fuck. Uni is the best place to build a harem; the sooner you realize that all these romantic notions of love are misconceptions, the better.

3. She must add value to your life

You’ll be surprised at the amount of dudes who put up their their girlfriend’s shit just because they fuck him.  As part of their biology, girls subconsciously know the power their pussy has over an unsuspecting man and use it to your advantage.

All girls (except in Thailand) have vaginas. Some are hairier than others (Yes, Chinese girls do not shave). It feels extremely nice and warm when you put your penis into a vagina, especially if you do it raw (without a condom). Sex is a MUST in a relationship; unless there are medical reasons why she can’t have sex with you, next her. Some girls are less experienced than others, some are tighter than others, but ultimately, an orifice is an orifice. Does she bring anything else other than sex? Is she wife material? Is she understanding and supportive of your goals and overall development as a man?  Can she FUCKING COOK? (If she can’t, enjoy getting takeaway while you pursue your higher goals).

4. She’s there to complement your life

As a young man, you need to set your own goals and decide what path to take. She’s either there for the ride or she can get off at the next station. Do not bend over backwards for her.

5. Your views and goals for the post graduate life should have a certain degree of alignment. 

If you want a long term relationship to work, the both of you must share certain commonalities as to what you both want once you graduate. Otherwise, the relationship won’t work.



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