How to be free

Most of you reading this are frustrated with your life. Not getting laid? Stuck at a dead end job not making enough money? Beta father and domineering mother? Unreliable friends?

These are all problems that plague the 21st century man and impede his freedom.

I’m here to tell you that it is possible to break free from the old you and rebuild yourself. It is possible to disregard everything you once knew. It is possible to build a better life for yourself. It is possible to achieve the freedom you’ve long desired–to walk the path few dare to. It is possible to live the dreams you’ve always wanted.

Friends, family, women, freedom, and money–these are the basic tools you need to live a happy life. It isn’t a coincidence that these tools are grouped together, they are interrelated.

Declare location independence and TRAVEL

Location independence is the ability to work from anywhere you want. I.e having an internet based business which allows you to work from your laptop without being tied down to an office.

Why choose to be location independent? Because the world is such a vast beautiful place-the sky is the limit; the adventures you can possible have are beyond your imagination.

If you’re chained to an office desk from 9-5, how do you expect to see the world? Don’t buy into the myth of climbing the corporate ladder, getting a raise, marrying, raising kids, and retiring. Trading your time making someone else rich is soul sucking.

Your time is the most precious resource. Use it to make yourself rich. Once you have enough money, you’ll be free to pursue your goals and hobbies.

Multiple sources of income

Anyone who tells you that money isn’t important is delusional. Being a Millionaire may not be your goal, but you’ll be pretty fucking miserable if you don’t have enough money to pay the bills and enjoy a better quality of life that money brings.

You need money to pay the rent, go to the doctors, pay for gym memberships, buy plane tickets, go out on dates etc.

There are numerous ways of making money with just a laptop and internet connection.  Here are some examples:-

  • Day trading
  • Freelancing
  • Managing an established business remotely
  • Dropshipping
  • Selling online products like E-books, courses, and podcasts

Pick something you’re good at, build a strong clientele, live off the earnings and make smart investments with it. It won’t be easy initially, but once you’ve overcome all the challenges and sorted out all the nooks and crannies, you’ll be able to be location independent. If you don’t possess certain skills, learn them. There are so many free resources on the internet today, you don’t have an excuse to not work towards location independence.

It takes time, there are huge risks involved, but stick with it and you’ll start achieving more positive cash flows.

Meet exotic women

Most of you reading this are from extremely feminized western countries. Most of you are still recovering from bad experiences, be it divorce, being cheated on, or a feeling of being unloved. I’m here to tell you that there is a better world out there with sweet feminine women who are the perfect complements to your life.

Get the girl of your dreams or build a harem. Get married and pass on your genes. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll be a much happier man


Is there something keeping you behind? Friends? Family? Girlfriend? kids?

Are they worth staying behind for?

Location independence is a lonely odyssey. Unless you already know other location independent nomads like yourself, the first few months will suck, you’ll have to start from scratch. You’ll feel insecure and wonder if this decision was the right one to make. You’ll start to feel homesick. Again, it’ll be worth it if you persist and don’t give up.

This is a decision you, and only you can meet. Imagine a life where you had absolute freedom to travel anywhere in the world. Sick of Rome, hop on a flight and go to Moscow. The borders are open, you are free to travel anywhere you want. Money is a means to and end; you need enough money to live the life you want, but you don’t want to be a wage slave. Would’t it be nice to be able to seduce the girl of your dreams in a whim?

Only you hold the keys that will allow you to escape the prison

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