How to meet women on the subway

As mentioned here, meeting women on subways is one of the most efficient uses of your time.

You must be wondering then, how do I talk to a girl I don’t know on the subway?

Using Singapore’s subway routes as an example, I’ll tell you how exactly in this post.

1. Plan your route

First things’ first, here at Chinesecasanova, we do not advocate bending over backwards/ going out of your way for a girl. On your way to the gym? Going to the club? Meeting a date? In these circumstances, it would be perfectly acceptable to run some subway game.

Let’s talk about Singapore’s subway line. The red line towards Marina Bay is the best place to pick up women. This is because the busiest stops are along the red line. Marina Bay | Raffles Place | City Hall | Somerset | Orchard …… These stops take you to main shopping district. My personal favourite is Dhoby Ghaut because I have to transfer here to get to the gym.

My routine would be something like this. Get to Ion orchard (Orchard MRT), ride the MRT all the way to Dhoby Ghaut, passing somerset, get off at Dhoby Ghaut, walk to the gym. Get some food, walk back to Dhoby Ghaut, do some daygame, then go home.

The other reason Dhoby Ghaut is one of my favourite stops is because I have to transfer to the purple line to get to Clarke Quay (Singapore’s party area), making this a very good warmup before I run nightgame.

2. Select your target

As mentioned here, meeting women on the subway is a lot like tinder. So find a girl you like.

Ideally, the girl should be standing as it makes approaching and ejection easier.

Don’t be fazed if she’s wearing headphones, checking her Instagram, reading a book, or talking to a friend. Waiting for a train is boring, be the distraction she subconsciously wants.

3. Open

Most guys panic at the thought of what to say. What you say is insignificant, how you say it is what’s important.

Smile and be confident. 

To give you some actionable examples here are some things I’ve done.

  • Opened 2 girls who were speaking Russian, in Russian, then transitioned to English.
  • “Hi, are you Korean?”
  • Asked about visible tattoos and what motivated them to get it.
  • Asked about books they were reading.
  • Helped lost tourist(s) with directions
  • Said Hi after getting eye fucked
  • Asked about their progress on Pokemon Go
  • Complimented girls on their outfits

Again, the skies’ the limit. You can say pretty much anything you want.

4. Build rapport

You need to make her interested enough to give out her number before either one of you gets off the train so that you both can meet up again in the near future.

Tell her a little about yourself, drop certain cues where she can questions, and ask questions yourself to lead the conversation forward.

Lead the interaction, keep her actively engaged in the dialogue–Keep the conversation going. This isn’t difficult if you’re on the train for 10 minutes or so. Master this and you’ll be getting leads in under 10 minutes–this is why I said subway game is an extremely efficient use of your time.

5. Go for it

If you know which stop she’s getting off at in advance and she’s shown sufficient interest in you, go for the number.

“I’m getting off here, I’d like to continue our conversation again and perhaps we could go to XYZ bar/ cafe/ place, give me your number” Its 50-50, either she gives it to you or she doesn’t. What do you have to lose? You’re getting off anyway.

If the conversation is going particularly well and you think she’s open to continuing on right then, turn it into an instadate.  Take her off the subway to go get a coffee, or even better, go get a drink.

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