The best place to pickup girls

Subway Game

Google where to meet girls in the day and you’ll get the same answers. Coffee shop, approach girls on the street, the mall, universities, at an event, or the gym. While these ideas produce a reasonable amount of success, the best place to daygame, in my experience, is the subway. Heres why.

1. Choice

You’ll get all kinds of women, both local and foreign. As people are constantly getting on and off the MRT, you’ll get a group of self-recycling girls to choose from. As with Tinder, if you like the way a girl looks, strike up a conversation.  If she’s interested then great, you both match. If she’s not, move onto the next one and try your luck. It’s a numbers game. 

The best thing about this is, you’ll be able to walk up and down each carriage, scanning what’s available. You’ll be spoilt for choice.

2.  Your target is stationary

Most people will simply idle around while waiting for their train to arrive. Look around and you’ll see that most people, men or women, are either fiddling with their phones, listening to music or staring blankly into the abyss.  Whatever it is they’re doing, they’re standing still and bored–after all, they have no place to go.

For this reason, subway game is superior because you won’t have to don’t like running after a woman on the streets like a headless chicken.

3. Efficacy

Wherever you live, the subway is the fastest most efficient way of commuting. If you’re not actively daygaming on your commute, you’re missing out on many many opportunities.  This is something you should look forward to in your daily commutes; you’ll never have to walk more than 40 meters to find another girl to talk to. You can practice any time of the day, you can do it solo or with a friend and never feel out of place.

4. Practice makes perfect

It gets awkward initially when you first start trying it; you will get blown out a lot. As with anything worth learning, you’ll suck at first, but once you get past the learning curve, you’ll only get better.

Keep at it and you’ll figure out how to best incorporate subway game into your daily routine. You’ll know what works for you and what doesn’t. You’ll eventually start experiencing more success and gain more confidence as a result.


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