5 misconceptions about Chinese women

Throughout my youth and adult life, I have heard all kinds of misconceptions about Asian women; Chinese women in particular.

In this post, I will clear up any delusions you might have had before–self imposed, or otherwise.

They’re all virgins

This is very far from the truth. While Chinese girls may act coy/ demure, not everyone is a virgin.

Having a low sex-drive and being a virgin altogether are two different things. Very briefly, in China, every spends 6 years in Primary school, 3 years in Junior middle school, another 3 years in Senior high school, and 4 years at University.

On average, most girls begin dating in Junior middle school. Most students spend live in school dormitories (YES, they live there). As you can imagine, literally being in school all day, there really isn’t much entertainment for the boys and girls. What do boys and girls do when they’re bored. Yup, you guessed it.

Let’s say you’re dating a girl between the ages of 18-22, who’s had one long term relationship for at least 2 years, do you honestly think that after dating for so long and possibly living together she would still be a virgin?

I repeat, don’t confuse inexperience with chastity. Most girls aged between 18-22 would have had at least 1-2 long term monogamous relationships. When you do get the notch, don’t expect crazy monkey sex. Most girls are still very inexperienced and will lie down with their legs open (Starfish position) so you’ll have to show her what to do.

They’re submissive

Once again, you’ll need to be able to differentiate between shyness and submissiveness. Sure, girls will put up a front when getting to know you initially; there will always be the obligatory politeness and face saving devices at first, but (assuming you get in a relationship with a Chinese girl), this shyness starts to slowly disappear.

Yes, Chinese women are more submissive than your feminazi Anglo cunt, but there are limits to their submissiveness. Depending on your girl’s upbringing and past relationships, her level of compliance will vary.

From experience, the really young girls who’ve had 1 or no relationships prior to meeting you are more complaint than older girls who’ve been around the block.

They’ve great cooks

Like sex, cooking is something you get good at with lots and lots of practice. As mentioned above. most girls will live in student dormitories.


These dorms house 6 students in 1 room. There is enough room for your bed, your desk and a toilet. Not much better than a military bunk in my opinion.

My point is that there is no kitchen in the dormitory; all food is consumed in the school canteen. Unless the girl has taken the effort to learn from family during their vacation, or has lived at home during high school and learned from her mum, chances are very slim that your girl knows how to cook well.

They only date Chinese guys

This is partially true. We’re in the 21st century, but there is still a social stigma attached to being with a foreigner.

Keyword, ‘date’. I’ve known Chinese girls who exclusively date Chinese guys Chinese orbiters with the ultimate goal of getting married. I’ve also known Chinese girls who only exclusively date White guys. Again, this is all very subjective and dependant on what kind of Chinese girl you encounter,

They’re tight

Not all are tight. Again, it’s subjective. I’ve banged girls who are raging sluts. I’ve banged girls who, despite being in a 2 year monogamous relationship, are tight as hell.

That being said, in general, Asian girls are tighter than non-asian girls.

They all want to get married

Without sounding like a broken record, this is subjective. There is a social stigma attached to women above the age of 28 who aren’t married. 省女 (Literally leftovers)–While many people (both men and women) still get arranged marriages at the insistence of their parents, most choose not to.

Your best bet would be to avoid dating women above the age of 28 at all costs. Keep them in rotation if you have to, but avoid relationships with them like the plague unless you want baby rabies.

Until next time, CC.

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