The different types of Chinese girls

All kinds of stereotypes about Chinese girls exist. Some people think Chinese girls are sexophobic and their legs are permanently shut to the rest of the world as if they were forced to wear a chastity belt till marriage , some think they love giving blowjobs, while others claim Chinese girls will give them a faux pass if they have blonde eyes and blue hair.

This is a series of posts which will shed light on the various personality traits dominant in different types of Chinese girls. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it is, what I hope to be, a general guide which will help you navigate the sea of Chinese women you will inevitably encounter within and outside of China.

-Stay tuned, CC

The types of Chinese girls

  1. The Clinger
  2. The Fuerdai (富二代)
  3. The Slut
  4. The Gold Digger
  5. The Virgin
  6. The Husband Hunter
  7. The Friend Magnet
  8. The Socialite
  9. The wallflower
  10. The Western chaser
  11. The Closet Nympho
  12. The Relationship whore

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