The importance of WeChat for exchanging contacts with Chinese girls

What is WeChat?

WeChat (Weixin) is an instant messaging service used by everyone in China in lieu of regular text messaging.  Like WhatsApp, it either uses data or wifi.

Wechat is also extremely popular in places with large Chinese populations like Taiwan, HongKong, and Malaysia. Think of Wechat as your passport into the world of the Chinese; it is THE messaging app which Chinese people use all around the world, regardless of whether they’re in their home country or abroad.

Why you need to use WeChat

No-one in china sends text messages, iMessages, or messages through WhatsApp. In China, you’ll only receive text messages for advertisements or notifications.

I don’t know why WeChat is so popular, but the fact is, everyone uses; businesses, students, professionals, even the elderly.

You’ve all experienced the “I don’t give out my number” excuse. With WeChat, you won’t need a phone number (although you can see the girl’s phone number after she’s accepted your friend request). WeChat users like Line users can add others using a username. In addition, WeChat users can add each other using QR code.

How to ask a girl for her WeChat?

As with asking any girl for her phone number (regardless of ethnicity), Chinese girls may decline to give out their WeChat.

There is a very simple way of avoiding this altogether. Once the two of you have developed a sufficiently good amount of banter do the following:-

  1. Pull out your phone and open WeChat
  2. Once your WeChat has loaded, go to

WechatId-> My QR code.

**Make sure you have enabled allow other users to add you via QR code on settings-> Privacy-> add me as a friends**

Wave your phone with your WeChat QR code displayed on the screen at her and tell her to add you on WeChat. In mandarin this will be 加我微信 jia wo wei xin.

Once they’ve accepted your Wechat request, continue bantering and say goodbye. As mentioned earlier, WeChat allows you to set your own username. Chinese girls, being girls, always change their names to something silly like 取个名字真难. If you’re not Chinese yourself, there are only so many Chens, Lees and Zhous and if you’re getting enough leads you won’t be able to distinguish one ChenGuang from the other. It also doesn’t help that there are so many Chinese people who look the same. These things will cause you to lose track of who they are. What I do is change their username to the date, location, her actual name, and how hot I think she is (on a scale of 6-10) immediately after we meet (Don’t worry, she won’t know you did this).

WeChat features

Like WhatsApp, WeChat allows you to make calls and instant message (obviously). WeChat does not allow you make video calls unlike WhatsApp. However, WeChat allows you to transfer money (More on this next time) through WeChat Hong Bao (微信红包),WeChat, like Kakao Talk, allows you to share photos on your timeline. Think of it like a knock off version of both Facebook and Instagram.

Sharing photos on WeChat is colloquially known as 发朋友圈 literally send social circle (i.e sharing on your friend’s list).

Wechat, like Whatsapp, also allows you to send voice messages–more on this next time.

Chinese Beta WeChat game

Every Chinese person cares about their social hierarchy. This is why Chinese people are always keeping up with the Jones’.

How much money do you have? How much social influence can you exert? Do you have guanxi 关系?What car do you drive? What brands do you have in your wardrobe?

I kid you not, rich Chinese guys 富二代,literally send hundreds and thousands of dollars in 微信红包 WeChat HongBao to girls to get them to come out with them.

These Chinese guys have wealth (often not earned through their own merits, but from their family– of course, this is a generalisation for our purposes)

John Mr Beta Chen ends up picking the gold digger in his sports car/ land rover, goes out to some expensive restaurant, they might go back to his place and the topic of money ends up being broached. In the end, this ends up being a form of pseudo prostitution/ p4p.

Leveraging your photo album game (i.e 朋友圈 game)

Building personal wealth is one of my goals and should be one of your goals too. If you do have a lot of money, and I hope you do. you should be discreet about showing off wealth.

Dressing sharp is a must, but please do not send money via WeChat. 

The way you’ll want to optimise your WeChat game is to first ensure that your 朋友圈 (photo album on WeChat) has photos which portray you in the best possible light.

Are you a gym fanatic? Are you a bodybuilder/ athlete?– Post photos of yourself doing your sport. If you have candid photos of yourself shirtless (e.g. someone took a photo of you stretching shirtless), post it. While you may be tempted to take a topless selfie, control the urge to do so. The higher end Chinese girls think that this is trashy and cheap.

Are you well travelled? Post up photos of yourself in exotic places. These don’t have to be recent photos–Chinese girls love travelling and doing touristy things; post photos of yourself by certain landmarks. If your girl comments or likes it, this is a clear sign of interest

If you are a Laowai (i.e a Westerner), post up photos of yourself with other Chinese people (Regardless of gender), post them up. This tells the girl 2 things. 1. You’re pre-selected 2. You have Chinese friends so you understand some aspects of her culture. On the other hand, if you’re Chinese, you don’t necessarily need to post up photos of yourself with non-chinese people, just post photos which make you look high value (Which, you should aim for in any case)

Voice messages

Chinese people have this really irritating habit of sending voice messages instead of making phone calls/ texting. You’ll see people walking around with their mouths glued to the microphones of their phones.

I’ll admit, this looks stupid. This will make you a walking hazard. But when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Leverage this to your advantage. Noone makes phone calls anymore, use this to remind her of your presence.

Until next time, CC.


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